There was no shortage of exciting events going on in our world, wasn’t there?  Trump has set the US on course to bring those predatory Canadians to heel and hold a slumber party with Kim and Rodman in the near future.  With all of the Big Deals happening though, I want to make sure that we, the common people, are not forgotten.

One of the best threads we’ve had lately on a DJ post I published was the one where I asked everyone to share their recreational music.  Let’s have more music about you.

Play for me the soundtrack of your life.

  1. These Days Are Ours – Selections from your happy days.  Songs associated with good times and memories.  I’d especially like to read any anecdotes you have to match the tunes.
  2. Feel the City Breakin’ And Everybody Shakin’ – You’re walking down the street wearing your favorite shoes or best sport jacket.  What’s playing in your head (or your iPod) as you strut your stuff?
  3. All Day I Dream About Sex – Either the best and most romantic or the weirdest music you ever had going while you played the blanket hornpipe.
  4. Party for Your Right to Fight – If you’re throwing a house party, what are you going to play if you’re considering the people you’re likely to invite, if alcohol and drugs will be present, and whether your HOA or the cops will get any complaints.
  5. Let the Bodies Hit the Floor – You’re going into battle.  Show me your war face and play the tunes you kick ass to the beat with.

I’ll share mine with you in the dedications.

Grendel: Real men do battle with giant robots.  I couldn’t find this one on YouTube and had to upload it.  Worth it.

Ventronik! by JG Thirlwell

Lurking: My favorite walking tune.

Road to Nowhere by Talking Heads

WVR: Weird music I’ve screwed to.

Riot Radio by The Dead 60’s

Rich Taylor: More weird sex music.  No idea why I put this album on, but it happened.  She later told EVERYBODY we knew and laughed about it.

Straight to Hell by The Clash

pfluffy: Happy Days music.  This was from the effective end of my childhood.  My most-played album prior to joining the Army, getting married for the first time, and otherwise lurching into a disastrous young adulthood.  Never banged anyone to it though.

I’m Above by Mad Season 

Zurvan: When I have a house party, it’s generally a small group.  One or two other couples invited for dinner and wine and they’re typically my wife’s friends since I have none of my own.  I usually just go with some ambient, upbeat stuff like this.

Healing Hands by Sondre Lerche

Santino: A happy memory.  Seeing Duran Duran in concert for my birthday in 2004.  The actual video is NSFW, but here’s a safe one.

Girls on Film by Duran Duran


  1. I’m Above by Mad Season

    This came out just as the cracks in AiC were showing. I had tickets to the tour they cancelled in support of Jar of Flies.

    Awesome memories of Alice and Dirt. Ripped open the plastic from the CD and this is the first song you hear and it was such a great song and a great album. I had heard it on MTV but the TV speaker did nothing for the sound. This was a really good time in my life just a few short years before it went to shit for awhile.

    Them Bones –

    Yea, and it did go to shit by about 1998. Another pivotal album in my life back then was Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds “Let Love In”. That album was so bleak that it snapped me out of a nasty time. I had never heard of the guy and Metallica covered one of the songs on it, “Loverman”. I got the CD for Christmas and took it to work-related travel to Hanoi and blasted the CD in the house when no one was home. I heard it again in Amsterdam in a dive and I just had to know who did it. I scoured the used CD stores to find the original. The whole album is incredible.

    Metallica –

    Cave –

    I like both versions and they both mean something to me so I can’t really ID a favorite. I am not the hugest Metallica fan, but boy do they put on a great live show.

  2. ok im headed out the door to take my boys to Incredibles 2

    We are seeing it tonight, too!

  3. im happy to report that incredibles 2 is worth the time and money. LOTS of fun lots of laughs.

    WG there was even some Johnny Quest in it

    and a nod to the Fallout series.

  4. #4 house party. hmm well givent he ppl i know the tast of musice is everything from 60 to 90 rock and country.
    With that said the following song would be played at some point.
    The redneck anthem.
    Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama

    Goodbye To Romance Ozzy.
    This song, is the first song that me and my wife danced to at the bar before we started dating.. or on the night we started dating. We were both well lubed, and in good spirits, and eyeing each other pretty hard.
    This came on, i asked her to dance. her responce was , “to this?”, me ” yeah shure” so we danced, and well. …
    we come to.
    #3 Alabama – Feels So Right.
    and i cant honestly remember if there was some funky song playing with those 3 hours i dotn recall. but Alabama was first.

    #1 Anyone remember the School house rock songs, those really take me back…

    Schoolhouse Rock: Grammar – Conjunction Junction Music Video

    Schoolhouse Rock- No More Kings

    Schoolhouse Rock- The Preamble

    Schoolhouse Rock – The Shot Heart ‘Round The World

    Schoolhouse Rock- Electricity, Electricity

    Schoolhouse Rock – Elbow Room

    Schoolhouse Rock- Mother Necessity

    Schoolhouse Rock- Them Not-So-Dry Bones

  5. #1 –

    I am the youngest in my family (significantly). I have three older brothers, who enjoyed teasing me mercilessly while I was growing up. They are all 5’8″-5’10” in height. I however am 6’2″, and have enjoyed teasing them ever since I passed them in height when I was about 17. So clearly this song is warranted: King’s Singers – Short People

    U2 – Beautiful Day

    Piano Guys – Beethoven’s 5 Secrets

    Pachelbel – Canon in D

    Debussy – Clair de Lune

    #2 –

    Ben Rector – Brand New

    U2 – Where the Streets Have No Name

    Oh The Larceny – Man on a Mission

    Led Zeppelin – Kashmir

    #4 –

    Flo Rida – My House

    Twenty One Pilots – Heathens

    #5 –

    Peter Gabriel – Big Time

    Alter Bridge – Rise Today

    The Script – Hall of Fame

    Disturbed – The Light

    Skillet – Feel Invincible

    Papa Roach – Born for Greatness

  6. Peter Gabriel – Big Time

    Oh! That’s a good one for that category. I’ve used that before as “psyche up” music.

  7. Uh oh, I hope Santino isn’t boycotting us.

    Hah, never!! Pretty busy weekend.

    Schoolhouse Rock

    Thanks Grendel, that was awesome!!

    From my first concert I saw without an adult was Corey Hart, I was around 14. It was a general admission concert at a small hockey arena (probably held about 5-7 thousand) in my home town. We were waiting in a gully in a field outside the arena. At one point there was a commotion and everyone was screaming at a mouse. It came by me, and all of a sudden it disappeared. I turned to my friends and said, I think that went up my pants. I shook my leg, and sure enough out scurries the mouse.

    We had a school Christmas party, I was probably in grade 7 or 8 and I got to slow dance with a crush at school. One of my first memories of getting the butterflies. I listened to the shit out of this song in the basement as a result.

    This song just brings back great memories of summer festivals, not having a care in the world, and the smell of thousands of sweaty bodies swaying and jumping up and down.

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