Some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you.

The first full week of World Cup 2018 competition revealed an inverse trajectory for arguably the two greatest ball strikers on the planet. Cristiano  Ronaldo cemented a foothold into immortality with a hat trick (3 goals) in Portugal’s opening match against Spain, probably the best match so far.

On the flip side, Lionel Messi got punched right in the mouth by Captain Ignominy, and got his lunch money taken as well.

Missing that penalty kick was brutal.

Every World Cup has a relative newcomer who everyone wants to adopt; this year it’s Iceland. Youtube “Viking Clap”, Iceland takes their soccer seriously.

I know soccer does not blow up the skirts for most folks. Probably because of the lack of goals, the USA has been reluctant devotees of the sport, but this is changing. Athletic prowess has always been admired and these guys are absolute beasts. The corner-stone of mastering any sport is footwork, you hear it all the time. Many have remarkable dexterity with their hands and soccer takes a whole new set of skills, something I really admire.

This year is the first time instant replay is being used, about damn time. This has been one of my biggest beefs with soccer, a huge field, constant frenetic motion, limited referee’s watching the action, the best actors in the world selling flops and mystery contact. The object of officiating sporting events is to get it right, especially here where one kick of the ball can decide the entire match. Instant replay will go a long way in making the proper calls even if it is ex-post facto.

The other day Mexico, a really good team, defeated Germany, the reigning World Cup champ. Landon Donovan took to twitter before the match and gave his views on why he was supporting Mexico. Needless to say he got blasted. Look, as noted before in my kneeling for anthem posts, sports transcends politics, root for any team you want and be proud doing it.

Lastly, a few words about the host nation. I will put this as delicately as I can ……………………..FUCK RUSSIA!!!

As with the Olympics, my first allegiance is to the Red,White and Blue in all things competitive. Next I root for the host nation, winning on your home turf is special and I recognize the national pride in these achievements. But Russia is a gangster nation full of thieves, reprobates, criminals, and alcoholics. The only thing I like about Russia is their female tennis players, the rest of the nation can suck my dick. I want their soccer team bounced at the earliest possible moment.

We can add comments as the competition moves along, add any memorable matches or play throughout. I admit I’m a slug when it comes to World Cup. I will watch some matches every day and YouTube the highlights of the ones I missed.

This go round I will be rooting for Portugal to win, or Belgium, Iceland would be pretty cool as well.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for all your hard work in securing hosting rights for the 2026 World Cup.

We will be getting 60 matches here in The States, several played right here in the Bay Area. Although if I’m still living in the Bay Area 8 years from now, I’m going to be sorely disappointed.

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Landon Donovan took to twitter before the match and gave his views on why he was supporting Mexico. Needless to say he got blasted. Look, as noted before in my kneeling for anthem posts, sports transcends politics, root for any team you want and be proud doing it.

He can root for whoever he wants, but he isn’t taking flack because of politics. He’s taking flack from people (some his own team mates on USMNT) because Mexico is their main rival.

Twellman said it best:

Not to mention he appears to have been paid by Wells Fargo to openly support them.

Americans just don’t do soccer. We have (or had) the NFL, baseball, and basketball. For all their faults, these sports are uniquely American. (PS My brother’s wife is from Brazil so she’s rooting for them).

Lastly, a few words about the host nation. I will put this as delicately as I can ……………………..FUCK RUSSIA!!!

Damn it. You’re going to ruin my dream of becoming a reporter for Sputnik with that kind of talk around here.


Football is the only sport where I support England. Probably because (a) in most other sports they’re NZs rivals (cricket, rugby union, rugby league), (b) I’ve been a life-long fan of the Premier League so I know the players, and (c) having lived there for 4 years. They sure left it late this morning.

I see the Germans are still struggling to perform well in Russia.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I was pretty stoked to see Iceland go nil with Argentina. That was quite a feat for such a small country. As anyone here knows I’m in a bag for Nordic countries so Iceland, Denmark and Sweden are the teams I’m rooting for (sans American qualifying).

However, I do also have to point out Mexico putting the surprise spanking on ZHE JERMANZ was a sight to behold. I think Latin America is often disregarded in the World Cup and the Mexico win should open some eyes.


The schedule hasn’t really worked out in my favour. I hungoverly caught the tail end of the Argentina v. Iceland match. Then I was pretty much out of the house for the rest of the weekend, just catching a minute or two here or there. I managed to have the 2nd half of England’s match today running on my phone at work in the background. I caught the celebration after the go ahead goal. As Pink Floyd says, Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way! I’m sure as the tournament goes on I’ll go out of my way… Read more »


And as far as them being our rival, since they kick our ass routinely, they would laugh at that comparison.


A sports rivalry exists between the national soccer teams of Mexico and the United States, widely considered the two major powers of CONCACAF. The first match was played in 1934, and the teams have met 71 times, with Mexico leading the overall series 38–19–14 (W–L–D). However, the Americans lead the series 18–15–11 since the beginning of the 1980s.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Sweden took care of South Korea. So much for the South Koreans flipping jerseys under the premise white people cant tell them apart. Lmao!


It’s been perfect for us West Coastee’s , all matches in the mornings up to early afternoon. Fox Sports has all the matches, either our local affiliate or the regular foxsports station. As usual we get pretty well fucked over with the schedule. Most games kick off at midnight or 3am here. Some, like the England game this morning, kick off at 6am which is decent, and the France v Australia game was 10pm kick off. But I think as the tournament goes on those times disappear. Hard to watch midnight or 3am games live. As soon as the quarter… Read more »

I am loving this World Cup. Granted my tradition of drinking at least one beer for every England game might have something to do with this. My pre-brakfast Steinlager Dry went down a treat. Ronaldo is a beast. He’s an absolute tool – but it freaking works. Bear in mind he’s 34, which is the age footballers usually retire. Portugal/Spain was one of the great World Cup games – but bear in mind Spain lost their coach just 2 days before the tournament. I don’t think they were at all outplayed, and think they still look the liveliest in the… Read more »

It was a great world cup – helped in no end by the fact that some of the big guys got sent home early, leaving the knockout stages to be pretty open. Much more entertaining than Germany rolling through the competition with a bunch of efficient 1-0 wins. re: VAR – I agree, but we’re not really used to it yet. I’m still not used to the stopping and starting of the game as much as you guys are with (American) Football. That said, we will get used to it, and I think overall it was used pretty well. The… Read more »

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