He really did it.

Alright.  A few points here.  First, I hate that name: Space Force.  It sounds like the title of one of those post-Star Wars b-movies from the late 70’s like Starcrash or Battle Beyond the Stars. 

The idea of militarizing space is okay with me.  I get what we’re doing.  Especially since the Pentagon keeps admitting that it’s been running into unidentified flying objects that it can’t seem to do anything about.  For what it’s worth, I think aliens are real and are not our friends.  But then, I’m not the president and have no obligation to be serious about anything, ever.

For our terrestrial foes, yes, it’s vital that we have a warfighting ability to handle threats from satellites and what not.  No argument there.  I get what we’re doing and why it’s necessary.  My only real complaint is that I agree with Mattis in that we shouldn’t create a whole new branch of the military for this capability.  It’s only going to contribute to the sort of bloat and waste we’ve gone through since the bad decision to split the Air Force into a separate branch from the Army.

Splitting off yet another branch from an already-unnecessary branch is an invitation for all manner of problems.  The Air Force has plenty of expertise and technology for further development into space warfare.  There’s no point in disrupting it.

I might be willing to change my mind if the Space Force wears the Colonial uniform from the classic Battlestar Galactica though.  I hope to God they don’t end up going with some kind of shiny jumpsuit or anything like that.  Like, it’s okay to have a silly name if you at least look cool.

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Yeah the name is dorky, but what can they use that isnt already been used in some cheap sci fi? Orbit Guard? Space Guard ? Star Fleet? Space Rangers? This has been long in the making. Since about the mid 90s there has been serious discussion in the pentagon and AF/Navy circles. Several of the Stupid talking heads on Twitter, has claimed that this is illegal, per The Outer Space Treaty. That is wrong the OST forbids the emplacement of WMD. mainly nukes in orbit or on celestial bodies. or the establishment of fortifications on the same. As for the… Read more »


Starcrash was fucking horrible.


“We own the orbitals.”


“You can’t hear the imprisoned children screaming from here”


Sometimes absurdism is really all we have left.


It’s probably a slippery slope to nihilism.

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