Senate intelligence hearings come and go. They aren’t very intelligent anyway so what’s all the fuss? Even IG reports documenting governmental malfeasance not seen since the J. Edgar Hoover days  take a back seat to the real issues of the day,”Barry Trotz just resigned? W…T…F?”

A Washington Examiner reporter’s meltdown after learning Capitals head Coach Barry Trotz was stepping down at the Senate Intelligence hearing Monday afternoon is taking over social media.

The head coach of the 2018 Stanley Cup Champions elected to resign after four years with the team Monday.

While this news is disappointing for all Caps fans, one in particular had an especially hilarious public meltdown.

Over the right shoulder of Michael Horowitz at the Senate Judiciary hearing, Examiner reporter Kelly Cohen can be seen looking at her phone and having a complete mental breakdown.

Kelly’s Twitter page has the video in all its glory;

I watched a lot of the hearing and noticed Kelly in the background texting and playing with her computer but missed this gem.

Her reaction looks pretty sedate to me. If I  read that Steve Kerr just resigned, the histrionics and arm gyrations would have resembled your typical soccer player flop in the last-minute of a 1-1 tie.

I love how she immediately has to check her phone for confirmation like someone was messing with her.

Sports folks are a rather odd lot. Dog people collectively are pretty weird but a die-hard sports fan, you might as well mess with their gun rights.

Once revealed, a public announcement for the group as a whole would have been more than appropriate. No doubt each one of those on the panel and in the audience was big-time Caps fans.

If all the flags in DC are flown at half-mast tomorrow, here is the reason.

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Ha ha! I saw her do that when I was watching the livestream and wondered what the hell she was reacting to (yeah, I was paying more attention to her than Horowitz; pic related).

Good to know.

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