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I’ve mentioned  before how some sports fans are certifiable. It’s usually the ones that possess minimal athletic ability themselves that project these inadequacies to an unhealthy level, which can manifest itself in various anti social behaviors, all explained under the guise of ‘Being a fan”. What follows involves none of that, but simply, it is just parents behaving badly. The “scorn” line forms right here;


This happened in Kingsport, Tennessee last weekend.

A few things immediately come to mind; those folks are eating way too much fried food, and whats up with the city ordinance banning stair-masters?

Anyone with kids that played soccer, Little League, T-ball, or even lacrosse (don’t laugh, all the well to do families here in the Bay Area put their kids in this sport, looks good on the college resume) have seen this sort of behavior, although hopefully not to this degree. Most times the unruly parent (singular) gets tossed by the official/umpire/referee with witnessing parents all applauding the ejection. Peer pressure injected when necessary usually solves the problem and parents can get back to enjoying the game. Coaches also play a major role in this. These types of outbursts are rarely isolated. If a hot head exists a well placed confidential discussion with the parent pre season on how his/her demeanor during games reflects directly on his kid and the team usually solves the problem.

Another video on this mentioned that the fight was started over a call on the field. Still, I’m flummoxed at how this could cause a fight in the stands. This isn’t World Cup. Kid’s sports are usually officiated by either volunteers or minimally paid weekend gigs for those that love the sport themselves. They do the best they can and sometimes they get it wrong. But the better parents use this as a teaching moment; life is not fair, put it behind you, get up and try again.

Aside from taking your kid on a bank job, snorting crank in front of them, or being drunk all day watching porn and beating his mom, I can’t think of a worse behavior to indulge in while they are present.

Notice the few kids in the video and how emotionally wrecked they are, just horrible.

What to do with these failing parents? All have forfeited the right to watch their kids play for the rest of the year, with the simple warning ,”If we see you on the premises, your kid will be sent home”.

For the last 10  years I spent most of my weekends officiating junior tennis events. Nobody does it for the money, it’s just fun, teaching kids the proper way to play a sport they can continue in the rest of their lives. The USTA has a zero tolerance policy on behavior; it’s not really zero tolerance because I get the last word, but it keeps everyone in line. Behavior indulged in by parents outside the court that is harmful to fair play or the spirit of the sport can be coded. 99.9% of all parents know this and behave properly. For those that don’t, a word to the kid actually playing ,” One more word out of your dad and it’s going to cost you a point, a game or the match”. The roles immediately reverse; the kid tells the dad to shut up or leave because he does not want to get coded, all is well again.

Kingsport does not look that big. Neighbors, parishioners, co-workers, anyone that knows these clowns should let them know how embarrassing they were, public shame can go a long way in dispensing their own teaching moment.

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I don’t get this mentality at all. Putting kids in sports is supposed to be fundamentally good for building character. It makes them respect rules, provides a desire to care for their physical fitness, promotes working well with others, and so on.

I can’t think of anything more detrimental to all of that other than seeing their parents flout it all with that behavior.

My husband coaches high school fencing. He has had some real hot-head kids and dads in the past. He has kicked whole families out. For some inexplicable reason, parents power trip kid’s sports and jockey for position. Crazy shit.


In the last 2 years, my reaction to people hurting children physically or mentally has drastically changed. I’m not sure if I was too detached before or if I’m overly sensitive now or if I’m somewhere in the wide grey pastures in-between. But seeing that little girl in her little league outfit wailing as she was forced into aging 10 years while having to help break up a fight between her adult role models really fires me up. There’s an adoption commercial that says, “You don’t have to be a perfect parent to be a parent.” But, really, can’t you… Read more »

parents that fight at kids games need to be tasered till they shit their pants.

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