“Sometimes absurdism is really all we have left.” ..  CMNZ

Three cheers for this week’s further coarsening of public discourse as the United States, as a nation, debated immigration policy and the Space Force.  Personally, I think we did OK here on this blog.  We didn’t call each other names and there were a few apologies granted and accepted.  This doesn’t usually happen on my lively Facebook feed full of “friends and family” that I almost always disagree with.  There is a cache of my husband’s friends that have opposing views that go at it but in the end stay close friends.  My brother has some friends that troll his Trump bullshit him and he gives it right back.  Facebook is good old-fashioned rubbernecking and people watching fun for a homebody like me that really doesn’t like people all that much.  I can keep up with cousins and aunts and uncles that I otherwise would not.  I also have a few old RTFLC people that have declined to join us for some reason.  I also have a republican vegan animal rescue advocate that I played WoW with, and a cousin in rural Mo. that has a demolition derby complete with old cars and a track for her kids on the property.  They do monster truck competitions, something that I probably wouldn’t ordinarily know.

Oh, and Harley and Dredd  :-).  I am happy to friend anyone here.  I don’t post politics on Facebook, but I do comment on occasion.

I mention Facebook because one of our threads this week reminded me of how I see my friends/family discuss things with each other and strangers.  It is a bit of a weird eye through the keyhole experience.  The result of the mish mash of friends, friends of friends and family and people that I can’t remember where I know them from is a feed that runs pretty ridiculous and I know that it influences my responses sometimes.  Half the shit is probably made up in a Lithuanian whorehouse and the other half is satire.

I learned about this from Facebook:

Totally educational and looks like fun  if you ask me.  I think we need to unwind here at RVS, but instead of smacking crap with a bat, play some music.  The music thread is always pretty much a free-for-all and free from mudslinging so let it all out.  No one is going to say anything.  We probably ran off most of the snowflakes with the GG Allin thread anyway.  There are two categories for this week:

Ridiculous Songs – Songs with little to no meaning or gibberish, parodies or comedies.

Offensive Songs – Songs that were either meant to be offensive or later on seemed “out of touch”.  Offensive is, of course in the eye of the beholder, but be as offensive as you want to be.  This is also good for just raging, anger and violence, all of which are wildly inappropriate in public but acceptable in song.  Enjoy these songs, they don’t make many of them anymore.

Your playlist and GG Allin assaulting a girl at a TED Talk:

and dedications:

Thrill – Love Song

Santino – … a bad-blind nigger at the piano

Zurvan – She’s a motherfucking lady

WVR – I want to fuck you like an animal

Grendel – Black boy want you in his island world

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Oh, man, yes. We need it for this week. Here’s one that fully captures the absurdity of this theme from “God damn, you half-Japanese girls do it to me every time”. El Scorcho by Weezer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okthJIVbi6g Love Song is exactly what I was thinking of as I was reading the post and I adore you for dedicating it. No matter where we fall politically, I love knowing that I’m understood, you know? Beck’s Mellow Gold is a treasure trove of ridiculousness. Pay No Mind by Beck – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHjjqYQpBQg No matter how bad you think our immigration system treats kids,… Read more »

Let’s see what titles sort “jump out” of my music library.

Kill All The White Man by NoFx – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kqJOxDgPPs

Faget by Korn – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3_3U0DdBR8

Too dark for any of you to handle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m_giioppT4

Speaking of absurdities, the latest outrage seems to be over Melania Trump’s jacket:

We are all bros under the skin:

Like, wow:

Would anybody write something like this today?

Offensive Songs, challenge accepted. Wheeler Walker Jr. “Redneck Shit” (Official Video) if this was made by anyone other than a honkey, there would be a riot. Wheeler Walker Jr. – Puss in Boots visually and aurally NSFW. Steel Panther – Gloryhole (Explicit) its steel panther, i don’t think i need to warn ya. Slayer – South of Heaven Dixie Chicks – Goodbye Earl 10 Little Nigger Boys- Old Racist Nursery Rhymes when i was young i remember having a book of very old nursery rhymes, it was printed back in the 20 or so. Even at that young age, when… Read more »

Oh, and Harley and Dredd :-). I am happy to friend anyone here. I don’t post politics on Facebook, but I do comment on occasion. I do love having friends on either side of the political spectrum its … interesting but at times frustrating. today i had a good friend whos , well a calif leftie , just fly off the handle and say the white race needs to die off, because of Christianity, racism, violance and such….. what i find ironic, is shes moving to Japan in a few months…. which is very has a very bold history of… Read more »

Vinne Paul is gone.,… see ya in hell cowboy..


I chose to sit this one out while at work. No good could have come from that. 🙂

Your playlist and GG Allin assaulting a girl at a TED Talk:

That was a genuine, honest-to-God, real TED talk? Hilarious. That man had issues.

2 Live Crew – Me So Horny – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiJkKM6u81o

I’m sure this wouldn’t pass muster as a new song today. Beastie Boys – Hey Ladies – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Naf5uJYGoiU

Some polka – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RN_VwMb8m2M

Argh. I’ve been hanging on to the Sex Offender Shuffle for months, trying to find the right opportunity to use it. Well played.

I offend, therefore I am:

This is starting to look like a 4chan board. Let’s get in the spirit.

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