As pfluffy observed, it was a bad week for public discourse here in the United States.  I’ll go further than she did though.  I think this was possibly the worst week we’ve ever seen as far as discourse goes, at least on par with the week after Charlottesville.  Does anybody want to disagree with that?

There was Kathy Griffin, who comes second only to Britney Spears in the “highly public nervous breakdown coupled with a bad haircut” league.

Not to be outdone, Peter Fonda shocked everyone by proving that he isn’t dead airing out his darkest, perverted fantasies about women and children.

Remember back when we discussed an Ambien-addled Roseanne making a vaguely racist comment and whether it was appropriate to utterly destroy her career over it?  The innocence of yesterweek, I tell you.  Significantly, his Twitter account is still active and he hasn’t lost his verified checkmark.  He was never even suspended.  Milo, Roger Stone and numerous voices on the Right were banned from Twitter for far less than this.

I mean, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had to apologize for eating a chicken sandwich.  But threatening violence against women and children to the point that the Secret Service opens a criminal investigation on it?  Meh.  Perfectly acceptable use of the platform, I suppose.

There haven’t been any other consequences for Fonda.  His movie is still being released and there’s no reason to believe that Hollywood regards this as anything but heroic.  But please tell me again why what Roseanne did was worse.  I’m just not seeing it.

Oh, and Trent Reznor doesn’t understand what the words “vulgarian” or “ironic” mean.

“He’s a fucking vulgarian,” Reznor said of Trump. “Aside from whatever ideological beliefs he has — if he has any — he’s a grotesque person who represents everything I hate.”

Did Reznor take elocution lessons from Otto West?

As a reminder, the DNC wants to partner with Hollywood to get its message out for the midterms.  Brilliant.  Hollywood is creatively bankrupt and the DNC is literally so.  This is less desperate and more tone deaf.  Hollywood is already sufficiently politically outspoken in its messaging.  Even the failure of the last Star Wars movie hasn’t brought it home yet, but it should be clear to everyone else that the audience Hollywood hopes to influence has long since tuned it out.

For the DNC, it seems to me that there’s no difference between their message and Hollywood’s already.  The only area of disagreement seems to be that the DNC wants to overthrow Trump through constitutional processes while Hollywood wants to do it violently.  Again, they’re both out of sync with American voters who seem to be increasingly wondering why anyone would want to overthrow Trump at all.

With unemployment low and the economy strong, Americans feel more positive about the future. In the new poll, 40 percent said the United States was headed in the right direction; 49 percent said it had gotten off on the wrong track. In February, that judgment was a darker 29 percent-60 percent.

I believe it was Sean Trende with RCP who said that the “right direction” question is the key determinant of a wave election.  As long as it stays at or above 40%, there will be no Blue Wave.  Keep an eye on that.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, they have nothing else to run on except hating Trump.  This is why Hollywood’s Resistance voices are reduced to threatening children.

And this.

This has officially gone too far.  I don’t care how mad you are about family separations at the border.  You are the worst sort of person if you threaten a child because you’re mad about a policy issue.  You are a shitbag if you approve of other people doing it to score political points.

Hollywood doesn’t deserve all of the blame, nor does the DNC.  I think the lion’s share belongs with the news media who similarly can’t understand why the American public has started outright despising it when it isn’t merely treating it with suspicion or ignoring it.

The press is ginning up this lunatic hatred with its falsehoods and misrepresentations.  It’s infuriating that they spent a couple of days bitching about Melania Trump wearing a jacket that was apparently a stab at them.

I don’t blame her at all.  As I said, the news media has lied about the immigration issue–and many, many others–so aggressively and maliciously that A-list actors are now calling for stalking her son and giving him to pedophiles.  And don’t tell me that we shouldn’t beware of the impulses of crazed actors.

I agree with this.  The agitations that we’re seeing out of Fonda, Griffin, and others isn’t political commentary and nobody can credibly hide behind that justification.  They’re incitements to violence and ought be treated as such, complete with criminal charges.  They’re not even stopping with Trump and his family.  They’re turning their threats against ICE employees and before long, I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re trying to justify threatening the children of Trump supporters if they’re not reined in.

This is the logical and inexorable path the Resistance is on, and I don’t care if you disagree.  Fight me.  Anti-Trumpism is evolving into a terrorist movement right before our eyes.

Less threatening but equally confrontational are the tactics being directed against female members of the Trump Administration.  The DHS Secretary was driven out of a Mexican restaurant by a mob and the Press Secretary was denied service in a restaurant in Virginia.

I’ve made my attitude on whether or not politicians are fair game for criticism when they’re out and about in public clear.  They are.

I ask the question: shouldn’t (Sean Spicer) be subject to scrutiny by regular people who he encounters?  People whose lives are affected by the policies of the Administration for which he is basically responsible for defending on absolutely everything it does?   No prominent person should ever be subject to threats or violence, but isn’t it fair to question them?  To speak “truth to power” when we come face to face with it?

I say yes.

Keep in mind that I live in flyover country.  Some of you on here live in DC or LA or NYC.  You don’t think anything of encountering famous people, bu t it’s very rare for me.

If I were to bump into, say, Lena Dunham at the massage parlor, I’d love the opportunity to politely tell her that I think she’s a sick, twisted creature who should be institutionalized before she stabs someone and starts writing haiku on the walls in her own shit.

That said, I’m bothered that the mob who hassled Secretary Nielsen included a Justice Department employee.  If there was ever a time that the DOJ didn’t need a spotlight shined on the partisan behavior of its employees, the week after the IG Report would probably be it.

As for Sanders, I think it’s fine that the owner of the restaurant chose not to serve her.  Honestly, I don’t want to eat anything I’m given by people who hate me.  I’m extra polite to fast food employees for a reason, man.  But it works both ways.  If they want to make a political statement, then I also think it’s fair play for Sanders to discuss the incident knowing that the Right’s mob will harass the restaurant right back.

Personally, I think mixing politics into your business is a bad idea, but it’s normal these days.  Disney, CNN, and others push their political goals even as profits drop because of it.  If a restauranteur wants to risk destroying her business to send a message, that’s her right.  It’s also my right to go on Yelp and complain about the time I went to her restaurant and the waitress had alcohol on her breath and flecks of vomit on her shirt.

It doesn’t have to even be true, using the Time magazine and CNN standard.  Isn’t that the message being filtered down from the Resistance?  Any and all immoral acts are justified because Trump won the 2016 election.  Isn’t that right?  Let us all behave at our worst then.  Is that how we want it to be? The Resistance says “yes”.

My advice to anyone who thinks that terrorizing the children and grandchildren of politicians and even government employees is a good idea, for any reason, is to stop and look down. That’s the mouth of the abyss gazing into you. That hatred and anger you’re seething with is going to suck you down into it. Once it does, it is very, very hard to come back from.

We all know people who throw out hateful and incendiary rhetoric. I’m not talking about mere insults. I mean threats, intimidation, and calls for violence. They’re in a dark place and they’ll drag you down with them. For your own good, you should shun them if you can.

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it: there’s been a part of me that wonders if it wouldn’t be better if the Democrats won the House this year. Maybe, just maybe, the Resistance would be less deranged if it felt like it had some control and a sense of representation in Washington. It would be nice if the Left acted like it has a stake in society again, wouldn’t it?

This week has crushed that feeling for me. I’m more convinced than ever that Trump’s opponents are complete lunatics who shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the levers of power. All indications are that they will use control of the House to impeach the president for any tenuous reason they can find and fully realize Russia’s goal of sowing chaos and discord. The Democrats and their increasingly mentally unstable Resistancetards have given me no reason to believe they want anything else but destruction.

Those of you who are sane liberals should be worried that I have nearly abandoned all hope that any semblance of sanity remains from America’s political Left, as you know I’m a reasonable guy (or at least try really hard to look like one). Understand that it’s the endless screeching of the Resistance that’s doing this, not anything Trump has said or done.

I am, and always will be, open to discussing ideas. Unfortunately, I have this growing sense that the anti-Trump crowd has none and has instead morphed into a real Party of Hate. I’m not seeing ideas. I’m seeing an emerging pattern of violence and intimidation and it has to stop. I’m not saying this to insult, but to warn.

Let’s not be fooled though. The entire immigration kerfluffle this week was entirely pushed by the Democrats and their Fake News bomb-throwers to distract from the IG report and any other “bad” news. As the probability that Trump won’t be impeached since he either hasn’t committed any crimes or that the investigation against him is so hopelessly compromised that there’s no chance of it happening, I’m sure we’ll see more rage.

The IG report itself was a dud. My main fault with it was that it didn’t go nearly far enough in its recommendations, beyond some corrective training. Yes, I know investigations are ongoing. It just doesn’t seem like there was much point to this report.

That said, where the report was a dud, the Congressional hearings were bitchin’.

Horowitz performed very well, being forthright and providing full explanations for the scope and meaning of this report (which admittedly was subject to some ass-covering edits by the DOJ and FBI).  However, I have a high degree in confidence in what he’s doing and hope he continues.

Will Congress or Sessions act on it?  I’m somewhat less optimistic.  Sessions did well by firing McCabe and I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.  Congressmen and Senators, though, only talk tough.  It remains to be seen if they will follow through on their vows to punish Rosenstein for his obstruction.  To me, it’s easy enough.  Hold a vote to find Rosenstein in contempt. If a majority agrees, send the Capitol Police to Rosenstein’s office and march him out in handcuffs.  Lock him up.  Yes, they do have the authority to do this, but do they have the will?

The Executive branch can’t be counted on to balance itself, however much you might want Trump or Sessions to start firing people.  Congress exists for this purpose as a coequal branch.  If it is ever going to reassert itself and its powers for the good of America, this is as good a time and cause as any.

That’s about all I have for now.  The immigration debate took up most of the oxygen in this week’s news cycle (as intended) and I’ve devoted enough space here to keep the debate going if anyone wants to.

What news didn’t get enough attention this week?  What do you think will dominate the news cycle this next week?

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Meanwhile, Mad Maxine now advocates harassment:

Also Canada legalized the evil weed, which in the normal course of events might have been bigger news. And the Supremes ruled on cell phone searches. This is a good thing IMO:

If you’re going to elect and support a President who is frequently flagrantly uncivil and obnoxious, who gives his opponents degrading nicknames, who deals in pejoratives and stereotypes, whose followers like him *because* he’s uncivil and obnoxious to people they hate and wear shirts that literally say “Fuck your feelings” … maybe you shouldn’t be surprised when the public discourse takes a turn for the worse.


Keep in mind Hal the war hero McCain decided to call people who simply wanted something to be done about our broken immigration system crazies, and yes we were getting frustrated since many GOP bullshitters ran on that platform only to ignore it after they won. Anyone not left of center was already deemed a racist asshole long before Trump, and the GOP was too chickenshit to seriously combat this bullshit leftist argument. I really think that is a big part of the reason Trump won the primaries to begin with. Talk about go fuck yourself. He won on a… Read more »

It’s why we need to agree now that inciting violence and harassing children is beyond the pale No, that’s beyond the pale. I didn’t think I needed to but I’ve done so frequently on Twitter, saying specifically that attacking Baron is out of bounds (attack other Trump kids is OK, since they’re adults and part of the Administration). S8, I’m glad to see you haven’t lost you’re stupid tendentious “gotchya hur-hur routine” with the new blog. I equate Fonda to Ted Nugent: he’s a lunatic who has always been saying obnoxious vile stuff. In his case, an old senile lunatic.… Read more »

PS – you should read McArdle’s piece about how we’re in a political equivalent of a tit-for-tat game with constantly escalating incivility. Also, be sure to check out the comments where all the liberal commentators are “BUT CONSERVATIVES STARTED IT!” as though history began in 2008.

Yes, it has gone too far. Someone has to take the first step off the crazy train and now is as good a time as ever. Whatever we said about Obama, no one took shots at Congresspeople over it (Giffords was shot, but that guys was crazy). And did you see what Maxine Waters said this weekend? I mean, Waters is crazy but she is a Congress Woman. I think that’s like a hundred times more important than everything Peter Fonda has ever said put together.

But that movement also produced Eric Rudolf and plenty of other terrorists. I may have mentioned this before, but I worked at the building across from the abortion clinic blown up, I just had left by the time of the bombing. I never even knew what was in that building, they all looked the same in that office park. I also was in Centennial Park during the ’96 games, but days before the bombing. These events are real to me because I could have easily been there. My DJ post was meant to lighten the tone a little and acknowledge… Read more »

SCOTUS won’t review the Brendan Dassey conviction.

I saw that earlier. He was treated egregiously and taken advantage of because of his very low IQ.

“I worked with PP years before any of you encountered me on RTFLC. After a few months, I was disgusted by it and it would never do it again. Planned Parenthood is reprehensible and I would never work with them again because of that rather than the personal risk.” My mother did a rotation with them during nurse’s training. She’s a pro-choice as they come but asked to be taken out and said she would never work there again, she was so revolted by them. “. I also was in Centennial Park during the ’96 games, but days before the… Read more »


Planned Parenthood is reprehensible

she was so revolted by them

Ok, I’m probably setting myself up for a lot of noise but….

What are the specifics, here? Is it just the pro-choice component IRL? Based on both of your responses, I feel like there’s more to it than that based on your level of disgust?

Mad Maxine is a legitimate target

She is a legitimate target for a blogger or Fox pundit, but the President openly threatening a member of Congress should alarm people. And yes, Maxine was wrong, too. Both things can be true at the same time! Amazing!

I didn’t read it as a threat though.

He should have left that last line out, is all.


Thanks for the insight.

I visited the clinic in my town a couple of times. Free vaccinations before some international traveling.


you never called out Right Wing idiots when they said vile things about Obama or Clinton and accused me of sucking Obama’s dick when I did; Seriously? I don’t know if you still have access to the archives; just do a search on my opinion when you brought up Rush Limbaugh and Chelsea Clinton. See if you find me cheering on stupid names that were used like First Wookie and such. If you’re including me in this statement you’re full of shit and dishonest, but then again that wouldn’t be a surprise to me. As far as accusing you of… Read more »

Hal is decidedly Libertarian It isn’t surprising that a Libertarian doesn’t please anyone. I am left of center but think like a libertarian and I get sideways with my liberal friends sometimes. My big problem with Libertarian Party is their shitty candidates and I will no longer throw away my vote on people like crazy Gary J. the rights of sex workers and arguments that human trafficking for that purpose is an overblown problem. I haven’t seen his stances on this but I can almost see where he might be coming from. If a sex worker is in it voluntarily,… Read more »

I don’t want to mischaracterize his stances.

Absolutely, most of the time when I get frustrated is when I feel like I am not being understood despite what I consider to be rational statements.


SCOTUS has upheld Trump’s travel ban. The opinions are fascinating.

Sotomayor’s dissent is crystal clear evidence of why she should have never sat on any bench, let alone the Supreme Court. She flat out stated that she was not dissenting based on the text of the executive order, or the law. She should be impeached.


Holy Crap. I didn’t think it would happen when he didn’t announce from the bench, but it’s just dropping that Justice Kennedy is retiring. He has been the huge swing vote on the court.


McConnell best expedite that shit with all deliberate haste ahead of the midterms.

Which will further enrage the left because of what happened with Garland Merrick?
And if those hard-fought ‘rights’ of the left start getting taken away as a result of the SCOTUS change, further deepening of the division will presumably occur.
The gloves aren’t just off, they’ve been sold on eBay. 😉

Which will further enrage the left because of what happened with Garland Merrick? Impossible, the left is already at” full ass whack” level now, unhinged is pretty much at full capacity; What else are they going to do, shoot up more baseball fields? There are more banks to burn down, more freeways to block, more private property to vandalize. I guess they can trash Ferguson again. Antifa has been pretty quite lately, is it time to give them new marching orders? Instead of chasing us out of eateries and movie theaters, don’t beat around the bush, your outrage is… Read more »

Impossible, the left is already at” full ass whack” level now, unhinged is pretty much at full capacity;

no not even close, but its coming.
i wonder what will set them off more Trumps pick for Kennedys seat or them losing seats in November.
I fully expect molotovs and gunshots at some point.

So justice Mike Lee?

There is a Red Hen restaurant in Napa. The owner was on the local news station this morning. You would think that anyone north of bag of rocks intelligence would know that the Napa Red Hen is not the Red Hen in Virginia. No matter, several Trumpistas went on Yelp and scorched the restaurant under the facade that the service and food was bad. This is just as stupid as panning a book on Amazon (without reading it) just because you don’t like the author. The Napa owner said all the right things about public accommodation and the sins of… Read more »


I’m with Hal, it all rings completely hollow.


There is a Red Hen restaurant in Napa. The owner was on the local news station this morning. You would think that anyone north of bag of rocks intelligence would know that the Napa Red Hen is not the Red Hen in Virginia. No matter, several Trumpistas went on Yelp and scorched the restaurant under the facade that the service and food was bad. This is just as stupid as panning a book on Amazon (without reading it) just because you don’t like the author. Well, DOH. This is EXACTLY the sort of shit that Trump spent months and months… Read more »


And I guess if the press are the enemy of the people, why wouldn’t more people go shooting up newspaper offices?

Funny you should ask.

Mass Shooting In Maryland Newsroom, Multiple People Shot

Things are getting out of hand.


Things are getting out of hand.

Nonsense, this is exactly what was advertised.

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