The World Cup post is till active, I’ll save any match activity comments for over there, but I did want to include this separately;

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I don’t think this is a surprise to anyone. The rest of the world needs a direct introduction to the recent phenomenon of #metoo. Sure, most of this will be dismissed as fan revelry, a communal celebration of shared exuberance, a party where overt testosterone fed enthusiasm must be overlooked or at least mitigated for the good of the cause. OK, we get it, but pretend like your mom is watching and act like a mensch. Acting appropriately is the best way to celebrate your team’s achievements.

They had the NBA draft last week; I didn’t watch it, never watch any drafts live, but take a peek the next day. Nothing is ever guaranteed, one pick will not make any team demonstrably better, especially fresh out of college, and unlike the NFL, kids coming into the NBA are less ready both mentally and physically. The one and done’s who draft high can buy mom that nice house she always wanted, but more times than not struggle with the brutal physicality that is the NBA. Not only is everyone big and strong (6-8 guards, really?) but any minimal deficiency will limit playing time and be exploited by the opposing team.

The biggest (and most exciting) wildcard for me is Luka Doncic. Luka is this European phenom who it is said will cause people to say ,”Dirk who?”. I admit that I know nothing about this kid outside of his stat sheet. Supposedly he has a good attitude and wants to learn, he will need both, the Euroleague is double A compared to the NBA. I can’t help it but the Ricky Rubio comparisons are unavoidable.

Another wild card, Trey Young. I did watch a few of his games, streaky, and very small. He set the Big Eight Conference on fire the first half of the season, then came back down to earth. I see him getting pick and rolled to death, literally getting swatted by bigger guards. A few more pounds wouldn’t hurt either.

Deandre Ayton and Marvin Bagley III are ready right out of the gate, they will help their teams bag at least 10 more games a season.

Good news for Santino and Kevin, The Pistons secured Dwane Casey as their head coach, no doubt he and the rest of the team are hoping Lebron goes to L.A.

We can talk Lebron if you want. As mentioned before in an earlier post, I hope he stays in Cleveland. I hear there is a disgruntled guard in San Antonio that is looking for a new home. Adding Kawhi to the roster would go a long way in having Lebron stay put.

So if not Cleveland, where? He ain’t going to Houston. Philly is very intriguing, they are ready to win now, something on Lebron’s must have list. I see James, Embiid, and Simmons just as deadly as James, Wade, and Bosh, maybe more so.

There is also rumblings about L.A., Lebron already owns a few houses there, has the acting bug, and would fit in nicely with that lifestyle. But he is not coming without some carpool buddies. There are lots to choose from and Magic is not shy about opening up his wallet. Chris Paul, Isaiah Thomes, Paul George, DeAndre Jordan, Demarcus Cousins, any two of these dangled in front of Lebron with even just a matching Cleveland offer would probably be enough.

We can talk NFL if so inclined, although I am so far from even thinking about football now.. Edleman is fighting his 4 game PED suspension and wants it reduced; given how much Goodell hates the Patriots, not a chance.

Is Andrew Luck finally going to throw a football in practice?

Will Drew Brees break the all time passing yardage mark by Halloween?

Will Julio Jones (the best WR in the NFL) end his holdout with Atlanta, who will blink first?

Anything else sports related, let’s here it.


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Anyone up for some baseball news?

Will Ohtani’s injury hurt the Angels long term?

Are the Red Sox the team to beat?

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I’ve been following this, despite a self loathing for doing so. I mean, this really is soap opera tabloids for us sports guys, but I can’t help it. I get dragged in. My very first hunch is Lebron was going to Lakers. How could he not? If you look at his history, he goes to a team that cleans the closet out for him, offers a pile of money to him and the cast of his choosing. The team with the most cap room right now is the Lakers. they can sign two max contracts, and with a little trimming,… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Well, not so fast there. Conference is important. Lebron wouldn’t have even made the finals this year if he were in the western conference. He was able to coast all the way to Oakland and keep his powder dry precisely because he knew he was in the easier conference. So, is there a strategy to just keep on meeting Oakland in the finals, maybe fate or injury will deal you a winning hand? Or do you take the hard road knowing that if you can slug it out in the West, the ring is yours, but you might not make… Read more »


Good news for Santino and Kevin, The Pistons secured Dwane Casey as their head coach Not bad getting the coach of the year. I still don’t think the Raptors made the right decision. I sense a big drop in the standings for Toronto this season. Buuuuut, if you can get Lebron to Los Angeles, you can cut brook lopez (opening up some cap room), and sign Dwight on a redemption contract at a veteran’s minimum. Dwight has averaged a double double every year he’s in the league, his issue has been engagement: I can’t imagine that the lure for LeBron… Read more »

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I think the allure of philly is premature. I think Simmons is a physical specimen, and embiid is full of heart (and high IQ, AND he’s a physical freak) but let’s not forget their record post the trade deadline was almost entirely against below .500 teams. Their playoff performance was a total hype train, and I loved every minute of it (even when Meek Mill made a game right after prison release) but Miami gave them trouble. They couldn’t hack it against a Celtics team that was short staffed, despite having s clear advantage in two skill positions. When the… Read more »


I think the allure of philly is premature. I think… The question is how much of that goes out the window with LeBron as a teammate? I still think they’d be pretty formidable. Don’t sleep on Boston either, who took Cleveland to 7 games without Hayward and Irving. I also keep hearing LeBron to Boston, not sure how that affects their current roster, but I say that’s an automatic bid into the Finals. What’s been unique about the Lakers bid for Lebron is magic and Pelinka’s insistence that for Lebron anything goes. I agree this works for LeBron, he seems… Read more »

Is there a team you like?

I don’t have any particular favorite although I’m kind of hoping for a Red Sox/Dodgers series this Fall.

I do have a soft spot for the Padres having grown up in San Diego despite their perennial bad luck.

We won our first penalty shootout for 22 years!!!


Congrats!! Could’ve been a real heart breaker.


Well f**k me! This may be a pretty big gamble.

I don’t know what to think of it yet.


needs to stay healthy

That’s the big gamble, plus will he stay next year?

needs to feel loved in Toronto

That won’t be an issue. Raptors fans are pretty passionate, although DeRoazan will be sorely missed. He really loved playing in Toronto.

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