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Shapiro went on Bill Maher’s show last night. How I know this is not because I watch Maher’s dopey show but because all the right leaning blogs that I look at used the appearance to vilify Ben. Shapiro is not a fanboy of the president. Although he is happy with Trump’s performance (so far) in executing a conservative agenda, he subscribes to the ,”What have you done for me lately?” philosophy of demanding constant swift forward progress in furthering the cause. Too much still needs to be done. He is paid to perform so get to it. But because Ben does not fellate Trump, does not think sticking it to the MSM or the libs is in itself moving the ball forward, or doesn’t think bad behavior is somehow endearing or worthy of emulating, Ben is the pussy. Ben did not vote for Trump, that was his sin, so even though he likes what Trump is doing and has said so on his show many times, he is still an outsider, a never-Trumper and must be exposed as an interloper, a coat dragging freeloader.

This kinda plays in to my philosophy that I’ve had for a while now; if there is a blog you read regularly and even a few day’s go by with you not questioning or disagreeing with the underlining premise of a particular post written, it’s time to broaden your horizons and read more diverse points of view. And that goes for this one as well. There are some great right leaning blogs out there but it bums me  that day in and day out the only one disagreeing or challenging the author is me. Granted, the nature of blogs lends itself to conformity, that most comments are going to validate or support the premise of the post due to  ideological leanings of the audience but surely 2 right thinkers can disagree on policy or practice.

Here is the short exchange, I say short because it is clear to me  Shapiro was willing to do the one on one but not the mob inciting round table that usually follows;

A couple points;

I’ve seen Ben interviewed on many lefty shows, like Jesus he goes to where the sinners are, but he is polite to a fault. He does not debate in a confrontational way, interrupt, or score points, his style has always been give and take. This usually works for him because the antagonist most of the time follows in like kind. Sometimes it doesn’t, like when he is dealing with a conversation hog or someone officious or rude.

It drives me crazy when I listen to a debate, the other side serves up a softball and the guy on our side either does not swing at it, of whiffs it entirely. That ,”You want civility, what about ‘Lock her up?'”, this is just too easy to refute and Ben missed the opportunity. Whataboutism is rarely satisfying or effective, especially in the “incivility is the new normal” environment we are all trying to navigate. Some universal truths are never invalid, namely that words are not actions or that the freedom of expression ends right at the moment when your fist meets my face. Fomenting a mob into violence or even the threat of violence crosses the line for anyone that even purports to be civilized.

It is surprising that this was the first time they met. Some right thinking personalities hang together but when Shapiro left Breitbart over the Michelle Fields/Corey Lewandowski dust up, he has blazed his own trail. If he was close to Coulter she could have given him some tips on beating Maher senseless, ditto Jordan Peterson but I think this was a ,”Lets see what happens first” experience for him.

I also would have liked Ben to bring Maher back to reality re: the Mueller probe, but it is politic to remain impartial and dispassionate, to let this dog and pony show play out to the final act. Maher is probably one of only a handful of folks out there that really think (discounting their obvious political biases) that Mueller will ever tie Trump to any Russian collusion. But, it is doing what it was designed to do, implicate Trump, even peripherally and with zero evidence, into the mere appearance of nebulous wrongdoing, and have the process drag out to the next election. It is all about votes.

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Maher’s show is usually him and three other people who agree with him, so this was kind of refreshing. He won’t debate someone who could tear him to ribbons on his own show. Still, this was somewhat more informative than usual. I thought Shapiro did OK without going tit for tat.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

I’m a regular viewer of the show and I thought what he’s done the last couple of weeks is pretty bold for him. The Shapiro exchange was pretty good; Ben didn’t kiss bill’s ass and bill went right to it with him re-Russia.

It was also cool that last week he had George will on.

Judge Dredd, Pro Se

He’s bombastic and he embellishes in the name of comedy (and bias) but I give him credit for what he’s carved out for himself. I don’t think there’s been an entertainer in my lifetime that’s been able to create a mainstream entertainment product discusses politics. He about lost me over the last year with some of his panic attacks, but I think he’s tapped into an audience and they accept that response to current events. Oddly enough he’s defended people like Roseanne Barr and other comedians bruised by the “Berkeley brass knuckles” approach to free exoression. I like Shapiro too,… Read more »

I had no idea that Maher was so fully invested in the Trump Russia Possible Collusion conspiracy theory. He used to throw 9/11 Truthers out of the audience when they’d start in on him. It really shows how attitudes have shifted over time, as has the center.


Shapiro mentioned on his podcast that he was going to be on Maher, and said he wanted a shot at Michael Moore in the royal rumble after the interview, but it was Sabbath for Ben starting shortly after the interview section.

Shapiro let a few things slide in that discussion that I was surprised he didn’t jump on.

He did a debate here in Pasadena right after the election with Cenk Wiygur over policies. It was actually very informative on both ends.

Here’s the entire thing.

Bill Maher does care about free speech:


I see he’s on twitter making a silly attack, easily shown to be wrong and implying only some professions deserve representation.

He posts that sort of unnecessary shit and yet wants people to believe he’s not a Trumpian?


Apparently my last comment went into the internet ether, never to be seen again?

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