As it turns out, we’ve wrecked the Earth.  All of you in the Northern Hemisphere might have noticed that it’s been raging hot outside this week.  Flaming hot.  Very gay hot.

Yes, yes, I know.  “Weather isn’t the same as climate,” you say.  You know, unless you need to point to several days of weather to prove or disprove global climate change.  Whichever you prefer.

We did nothing this Independence Day at my house.  Usually, we grill out but it was too stupidly hot.  I’ve barely left the house all week, to be honest.  It’s all part of how curmudgeonly I’ve become: fuck the Summer.  I’ve also barely been on the blog because of how short-tempered I am over it.  Hot-tempered, perhaps.  Downright mercurial.

Let’s keep it simple this week.  The theme is “heat”.  Can be fire, songs about stoves, or hot cross buns.  I don’t care. Run with it.  Be imaginative.  Just don’t ask me to go outside.  I don’t care if the birdbath is empty; the finches can fend for themselves.


CMNZ – Superheated by New Order

Rich Taylor – Sunstroke by Jason Isbell

pfluffy – Hot Pants by James Brown

Santino – Scorch the Ground by Seabound

Zurvan – Soul on Fire by Third Day 

Grendel – Fire Woman by The Cult

WVR – Burn You Up, Burn You Down by Peter Gabriel

One more.  I know you’re around, spootyjim.  I saw you.  Some Like It Hot (Power Station cover) by Bless the Machete

On the plus side, the crippling heat is keeping American civil warmongering impulses safely in check.  Even if you throw a cold drink in someone’s face for wearing the “wrong” hat, you’re technically doing him a favor.

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It’s hot out there. Damn hot:

Although it doesn’t seem to be as hot where I am compared to earlier this week. Had steak & chicken at my brother’s for the Fourth.

But it hasn’t stopped the news. Scott Pruitt is looking for a new gig, Trump is causing outrage and panic in the media with a Supreme Court nominee he hasn’t even picked yet, Ed Schultz passed away, and and World Trade War One seems to be on.

Walking on the Sun ––Kjn0z8

For some reason we have been spared in South Georgia. We even played nine holes of golf in the afternoon. We head back to Atlanta today, once we get packed up. I am the same, though. I don’t leave the house much in the summer. My carefully planted garden goes to weedy shit.


Ed Schultz passed away

Had to look up who he was. Here is what its says about his death on Wikipedia.

“Schultz’s death was announced on July 5, 2018. According to unconfirmed reports, he died of Assholeitis”


Blue Öyster Cult — Cities on Flame


I actually rather enjoy the stinking hot weather. It’s the cold I can’t stand!

Sly and the Family Stone – Hot Fun in the Summertime

G’N’R – Right Next Door to Hell

Elton John – Someone Saved My Life Tonight So the story goes… After “sticking his head in the gas oven, but with the windows open”, his parents arrived the next day, in a van, to take him back to their apartment in Pinner.

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