Have we reached peak insanity yet?  I hope so.  Let’s recount the Week in Lunacy.

First, we have an immigrant from a shithole country who decided it would win national sympathy for her cause if she decided to disrupt our most important national holiday by trespassing on one of our most beloved monuments.

Improbably, she seems to have thought this would bring sympathy for her cause.  I’m feeling…differently and wondering why we can’t revoke her citizenship and boot her out for her ingratitude, disrespect, and downright parasitic behavior.

At least she was only being a disruptive jackass and not a violent one.

This is a good place to mention that if you’re a pissed-off Democrat, only celebrishits and congresstards like Peter Fonda and Maxine Waters can actually advocate assaulting minors or harassing people who are eating in restaurants, all respectively.  If you’re a nobody and a gangbanger with an extensive criminal history, it won’t go so well for you.

Then there’s this.  I’m not even sure what to think of it.  When I read the headline, I thought it would be “cringe” but it turns out that she was being serious, making it more “narm”, to use one of our favorite terms.

guardian brigid delaney

Is this supposed to be humorous?  It’s gotten to be impossible for me to tell, with the way comedians have blurred the lines between hyperbolic satire and raving viciousness so badly.  Is the joke that she tried the Trump Diet (which only works because of his improbable genetics) and it didn’t work?  There’s no punchline.  It looks more like she was so upset over politics–in a foreign country, no less–that it led to her neglecting her own health and fitness over it.  That’s equal parts sad and crazed.

It still serves to make another point related to what all three of the above Profiles in Kookiness share in common: Trump has driven some people insane and they’re destroying their cause and even themselves over it.  It’s like the complete David Hogg Effect with these people.  Here’s a guy who sacrifices his education and career to politics, only to have everything he tries to do backfire gloriously.  He rails against the NRA; the NRA draws record donations.  Tries to get Laura Ingraham off the air; her ratings rise astronomically.  If Democrats were really interested in destroying Putin, they’d ask Hogg to start complimenting Russian expansionism.

Okoumou, the Statue of Liberty climber, is completely unsympathetic.  Does anyone really think that an immigrant whose major contributions to American society seem to be agitating racial hatred and suing people is what we need more of?  I have no doubt that she’ll sue the police officers who pulled her off the statue when all is said and done.  Who in the world thinks she’s any kind of hero?  She’s exactly the sort of worthless and downright malignant immigrant that anti-immigration hardliners all over the Western world point to as the reason why we shouldn’t be bringing in unskilled people from the Third World.  She’s proving Trump right.

Jiminez committed an act of violence against a couple of teenagers.  It doesn’t help that he looks like a “bad hombre”, but it’s too easy to point to all of the recent intimidating rhetoric coming from the Party of Hate as all the justification that he needed to think this was a good idea.

Does anyone think Jiminez is a hero? Apparently, yes.

Again, Trump is validated.  He was calling out thuggish mob behavior last week and now here it is.

As for poor Brigid Delaney, who deserves pity either for being a failure at humor or for being so emotionally frail that she would destroy her own well-being over the outcome of another country’s election, there’s a worthwhile lesson.  Disengage from politics if you’re getting angry to the point that it’s screwing up your life.  Democrats, in general, are having a difficult time understanding that angry people make more mistakes.

He’s right about this and it should be obvious.  Look, I don’t much care if the Democratic Party wants to fully alienate itself from the political center for the next 20 years.  That’s all well and good.  I’m not a fan.  But by embracing the most despicable, violent, and deluded people it can find–and thus encouraging their behavior–it’s only a matter of time before somebody gets killed.  It seems like I’m having to repeat this a lot.

More immediately concerning to me is that anybody I know might be falling into the same state of mind as Delaney.  Please don’t let politics and other things beyond your control destroy your vitality and happiness.  Honestly, it shouldn’t matter either way.  The more it affects you personally, the more likely you are to make it personal with others.  Don’t do that.  It doesn’t lead anywhere you want to be.

That’s about it for my weekly morality lesson, which I’m stunningly unqualified to give.

On to other stupid topics, I saw this when I was watching a video yesterday.

At first, I thought it was Russia being singled out, but I was smart enough to check (surprise) and found that both the CBC and BBC have similar disclaimers on their videos, being that they too are basically state-run media outlets in their countries.  Unfortunately, CNN has no disclaimer advising viewers that it is a half-crazed propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.

I know I have some fellow It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans among our group.  Here’s a good take on how politics are treated on the show, in their own unique way.

It really is one of the few (if any) shows nowadays that manages to fully capture the absurdity of politics from both sides without being preachy.  This may be one of the reasons it’s in my top five favorites.  Do I even watch five shows?  I’m not sure now.

I’m still planning to watch this, didn’t get to it last weekend.

Here’s a fine editorial from Megan McArdle about why Roe vs Wade should be overturned.

I am myself uneasily pro-choice. Moreover, just a few days ago, I argued that the increasingly bitter judicial wars tearing apart today’s politics can only be ended with more judicial deference to legislatures and to precedent. It stands to reason that I would be dismayed by the politically electrifying prospect that Roe might be overruled entirely. But I wouldn’t be dismayed. I’d be glad to see Roe go, as quickly as possible.

How can someone who calls herself pro-choice oppose Roe v. Wade? Let me count the ways.

I can’t disagree with the reasoning she goes on to lay out.  No matter what your position is on abortion, you must realize that the right to have one will never be secure as long as it hinges upon an ungrounded opinion from a highly divided Supreme Court 45 years ago.  I think all of the Justices who were on the Court at the time are dead and yet we’re still bickering over the case.  Enough already.

Either put it to Congress and the states to pass a constitutional amendment or bring forward a case that the Justices can rule on a clear 9-0 decision what can be done about the issue.  If it were “settled law” it would have been…settled.

And finally, there are more people in another country who unhealthily obsess about American politics.

Does this achieve anything?  No.  I think it’s clear who the real babies are, as Trump isn’t the one throwing a meaningless tantrum.  Maybe the British just want to show him what they think of him?

Trump’s U.K. visit is expected to be met with significant protests from left-wing activists, promoted by members of the left-wing Labour Party who have repeatedly called for Trump to be uninvited.

The U.S. president is expected to meet with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, who came under pressure from opposition lawmakers in late June to cancel President Trump’s upcoming visit over his administration’s controversial treatment of families caught illegally crossing the border.

It should be obvious that he doesn’t care and it’s even possible that he gets a boner from how hilarious it is that the people who hate him are driven to fly an effigy of him over their city.  Leftists in the UK are no closer than their counterparts in the US to realizing that when you’re talking about Trump, Trump wins.  Every time.  Controversy nourishes him as freshly-squirted blue milk does for Luke Skywalker.

This is another one of those self-destructive exercises in anti-Trumpism such as those I highlighted at the top of the post.  The UK burnt its bridges with Europe two years ago.  The idea of it burning those it has with the US now is outrageous.   Macron can certainly feel free to lecture us since France doesn’t really need America for much.  May doesn’t have that luxury.

What else is going on in the world of stupid news?  I’m thinking about getting back to Scandalrama next week.

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102… shot, in Chicago over the holiday …. you think that would be bigger news. Given how the media reacted over 4 reporters being shot.
they even managed to have a anti gun violence rally that shut down the highways, but didn’t managed to have a rally in the hood where the violence is.




IMHO ‘lunacy’ is purposely tried to destroy families for political gain, and a system where that is considered more acceptable than the ‘wrong’ type of protest/protester. But even more, the fact that even having that opinion makes Trump even more appealing to some.

Kavanaugh is the nominee. Wonder how much rage we’ll see from the Democrats.

oh im sure we will get quite enough out of them. But there is hope Hope that their anointed leader will run again and set right what is wrong….

The Whole Trump Baby thing is gonna back fore like the Trump Chiucken did….

The Trump Baby thing isn’t really about Trump – it is about telling elected officials that they’ll pay politically if they align themselves with Trump. Hence the unprecedented number of full diaries on the Blighty side of the Atlantic up until now, and the fact that he’s only doing closed door meetings. It’s the absolute last thing May needs right now as well, as she’s facing a revolt from the right as well.



“Got my first activist email opposing Kavanaugh, from Democracy for America. Spot the find/replace problem:

SCOTUS: DFA will fight Kavanaugh, says she “represents a generational assault on justice, freedom, core democratic values””

Let’s be honest, they were going to send out emails condemning whoever he nominated. He should have come out, said he nominated Obama, and watch everyone’s heads explode before saying, “Just kidding!”


Ezra Klein stepped in his own hypocrisy on this one.


Judge Dredd, Pro Se

Why wouldn’t democrats fights this? If they don’t fight it they’ll appear weak, and they won’t have as much to rally around in November. On the other hand, almost every sitting justice, with rare exception has ruled right along the party lines of who appointed them. So, if they’re true to their ideology they’d be neglecting their duty rolling over for this nomination. The senate confirmation hearings are just a formality at this point so nobody is expecting much. I do think hillbilly isis would screw the pooch overturning roe v. Wade. I’m sure you’were in your sweaty palm happy… Read more »


Why wouldn’t democrats fights this?

Because they brought it on themselves. The disingenuous hand-ringing now is comical. Nothing shows the hypocrisy of both sides quite like a judicial nomination to a Federal bench in the last 10 years.

Selling the idea to a majority of the population that five men are going to control their reproductive rights might not end well.

7 white men voted for Roe v. Wade.

I have is: where is the UK going to land? That’s the question isn’t it? It’s almost as if all the xenophobic hand wringing about immigration and ‘taking back our sovereignty’ was an ill thought out appeal to populism without an actual plan as how to govern. You’ll notice that even with the Brexiteers griping about May’s ‘soft Brexit’ – they don’t actually have a plan themselves. The trade question you posed was also a red herring. You can’t negotiate a trade (good) trade deal with (say) the US, if you’ve pulled the plug on the other option. The US… Read more »

suppose, though it’s a loser.

Yep – but the fight is the thing, not necessarily the win

He’s terrible, but I forgive him on the grounds that he’s hilarious.

Borat is his best creation. Posing as a wounded vet crosses a line IMO though.

Speaking of rude foreigners:


Speaking of lunacy, Kylie Jenner is about to become the youngest Billionaire ever.



WASHINGTON—In a move that experts believe could upend the confirmation of President Trump’s second Supreme Court justice, the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh had reportedly begun to falter Friday after The Washington Post published a shocking editorial claiming he neglected to attend his eldest daughter’s piano recital in the fall of 2013.

Yeah, It’s like that.

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