Feeling satisfaction when evil doers are punished is a sure sign of a properly calibrated moral compass. Walking the straight and narrow for its own sake is expected, proper, and required while living among our own species but let’s face it, paying your fare while someone just jumps the turnstile makes you feel like a bit of a chump. One of the definitions of integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. Doing right is its own reward, but many folks don’t do the right thing, hence our criminal justice system.

Justice delayed is justice denied, but justice Johnny on the spot is sublime. It is almost wood inducing when we see a bully get his ass handed to him, or a road rage sufferer spins out and wrecks his own car. Traffic scofflaws that go unpunished put all the other proper drivers in a bad mood, “Where is a cop when you need one?”

Justice is that sword of Damocles that hangs over all our heads; it is that little angel on your right shoulder that tells the little devil on your left to STFU. Most of us have the good sense to pay attention, when those not so civilized don’t and proffer harm on another we expect remittance in the form of equal comeuppance to that of the offence. The jackpot is when he suffers both instant retribution and then gets arrested; all is right with the world again.

Some dumb-ass in Savannah utterly failed in his impulse control;

On the last day of June, a man walked by a waitress who was returning menus to a restaurant counter and grabbed her butt.

That was a mistake.

Emelia Holden, 21, working as a waitress at Vinnie Van Go-Go’s in Savannah, Georgia, wheeled around, grabbed the man’s T-shirt and shoved him to the ground, where she berated him for grabbing her. The episode was filmed on closed circuit TV.

After police arrived and viewed the video footage, they arrested the man, who was held in jail for two days.

Here is the video;

Audio, I want audio.

This was so great, not only did he get caught on video, but the waitress humiliated him in front of everyone. My link did not give his name but hopefully the local paper will cover it with both his name and the mug shot for when he was arrested. Some public shame is appropriate.

It appears that the contact was not merely a casual brush of the hand but an actual grab, so innocuous contact can be ruled out. Every guy on the planet probably has a story or an incident where his hand while walking by brushed up against the back side of a woman. An immediate apology is enough, no harm no foul. But this guy got caught cheek in hand with a purposeful squeeze, no doubt about it.

Now some might think, hey, the poor guy got blasted at the scene, he learned his lesson and won’t do anything that stupid again, an arrest and conviction is overkill, nope. He paid the karma toll at the scene, his bad luck, but society also demands to be heard. We have laws on the books for such behavior, he knew it, and now that toll must also be paid. I’ve heard the same argument with other crimes; a drunk driver that wraps his car around a telephone poll and breaks both legs, or the absent-minded parent who leaves an infant strapped in the back seat of a sweltering car and subsequently dies ,”Haven’t they suffered enough?”. Individual retribution does not mitigate the duty required in remanding oneself to the criminal justice system. These factors can play a role in the proper charges filed or time served, but they should not be used as a substitute for what the law requires.

You think this guy was out with his wife to dinner when he pulled this stunt?


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I’m not sure if this was on purpose,but pubic shaming would be a glorious new consequence for this type of behavior.

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