Last week’s DJ thread is going to be hard to top.  Not simply in terms of participation, but in the irony of what was basically a humor post turning into a contentious argument on multiple topics.  So let me start this week’s post by saying that Sascha Baron Cohen is a comedic genius, The Last Jedi will gain more appreciation as the years go on, NATO should be immediately disbanded, and Obama is a patsy.  Of those, I’m guessing that Vladimir Putin agrees with at least one and maybe two, you colluders and warmongers.

Can we say that this was Trump’s worst week of the year so far?  I mean, the meeting with Putin was always going to be a risky venture.  Deep State certainly did its best to make it more so with a couple of time-bomb indictments against some Russians.  Its partners in the media were also bound to use it to more aggressively push the Russian narrative they’ve been chained to since the election.

All that aside, Trump managed to make it worse for himself by flip-flopping on whether or not Russian meddling really happened and daring to insult the US intelligence community in front of Putin.  That this same intelligence community hates him and thinks we’re a bunch of stinky Wal-Mart shopping yokels is irrelevant.  Trump made totally unforced errors and it has the White House in disarray and congressional Republicans angrily denouncing him.  In other words, they decided that it was better to placate the intelligence agencies who have been stonewalling them at every turn rather than to keep the goodwill of the fanatical Trump supporters who they desperately need to show up and vote in the midterms.  Interesting choice.

The optics are terrible and I think it’s a shame since I agree with Trump’s moves on policy grounds.  However, he may have crippled the effort with this messaging clusterfuck.  If Putin had any favors he could give to make Trump look good for risking so much on this meeting and having it utterly blowback on him, now would be the time.

For Trump, it is the worst of times.  For his detractors, it’s been that since November 2016.

In that vein, let’s acknowledge some of the great misfires of all time w ith this week’s theme.  I’m looking for the worst genres, artists, trends, dances, and songs of any country or era.  For starters, there’s a fantastic video at the start of the playlist that explains why today’s pop music really does represent the worst of times.  You’re not just imagining it.  The music really is bland and generic.

As a bonus, play some tracks that have the “Millennial Whoop”.  I’m curious to know how common it is.

One thing I should emphasize: this doesn’t have to be bad music.  Even crappy genres have some decent songs.  Right?  This isn’t a punishment thread.

It’s a special week in dedications.  I’m guaranteed to offend everyone.

Santino: Half of this song is a sort-of-but-not-quite Millennial Whoop.  Ride by Twenty One Pilots.

pfluffy: You know what I hated in the 90’s?  The Swing Revival.  The music wasn’t bad, exactly, it was just…obnoxious.   Dr Bones by Cherry Poppin’ Daddies.

Not exactly a “worst” of anything, but while we’re on the 90’s and its revivals, why in the hell did Tony Bennett become such a sensation among 20-somethings for a few months in the early part of the decade?

Lurking: The 70’s were a golden age of rock.  But then there was disco.  Yes Sir, I Can Boogie by Baccara.  That has to be the most generically disco-y sounding song disco ever produced.

Rich Taylor: Worst collusion of all time.  Dancing in the Street by David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

CMNZ: I would enjoy the Millennial Whoop in some songs.  Pompeii by Bastille.

Clearly, I meant to say I wouldn’t enjoy the Millennial Whoop.

ilovecress: Here’s a passably good song that has a Millennial Whoop.  This is Gospel by Panic! At the Disco

WVR: Worst genre in history.  Christian Rap.

spootyjim: For other things Jesus secretly hates, let’s talk about that awful trend where every lead singer just up and decided to sound like Eddie Vedder.  Higher by Creed.

Section 8: Pop Punk is one of the worst creations of all time.  It’s not even a creation of a genre so much as a neutering of a ferocious one.  In Too Deep by Sum 41.

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Santino: Half of this song is a sort-of-but-not-quite Millennial Whoop. Ride by Twenty One Pilots. Funny you mention that. I was going to get this song in no matter the theme, but I think I can tangentially relate it. I’m very excited about 21 Pilots’ new album, but they blew it on their tour. No f’ng dates in Canada. They’re going to Boise and Lincoln fer chrissakes, but they can’t meander north of the border to Toronto, God damn it!!! They even have a date in New Zealand, I mean who the hell cares about the Kiwis 🙂 Anyway this… Read more »


No f’ng dates in Canada

Come to Detroit. My wife and I will put you guys up for the night. LCA is a nice shiny new arena.

UPDATE: Errrr….tickets just went on sale this morning, apparently, and there ain’t nothin’ under $375 left.


Come to Detroit. That thought crossed my mind, I even signed up for the advanced ticket sale. Then I came to the realization that it wouldn’t work out for a middle of the week concert. My wife and I will put you guys up for the night. I love sleep overs!! We’re heading up to Traverse City this weekend. If you’re in the area the next couple of weeks let me know. My kids are really into Britney Spears right now. She should have stopped at Baby One More Time. I played DJ for last night’s shower time and it… Read more »


If it has to be disco


Hmm, I never realized this was considered disco, but now it seems rather obvious.


If you’re in the area the next couple of weeks let me know.

We’ll be up at Burt Lake starting 8/8. Overshooting you by 2 hours. Technically, you’ll be substantially closer to us when you’re crossing the bridge. LOL!

You know what I hated in the 90’s? The Swing Revival.

It’s dirty cousin elevator music:

Tony Bennett thing got me to – totally inexplicable.

Hmm, I never realized this was considered disco, but now it seems rather obvious.

Same with this one. People that should have known better did disco.

William Guess

Hmm, I never realized this was considered disco, but now it seems rather obvious.

I hadn’t either, but that’s clearly a disco beat. As is this.

Looking back, I cannot figure out why I enjoyed that band so much in the late 90’s.

What is up with Korean boy bands?

And from the Eighties, Christian metal:

William Guess

What is up with Korean boy bands?

Wait, that’s kind of awesome. You know, when it isn’t being gay.

William Guess

Alright, as long as this is bound to be a divisive thread, tastes-wise, what’s the verdict on……………………..


Trump made totally unforced errors

A sports reference, tennis no less, you are The Man!!!

The 70’s were a golden age of rock.

Mid 60’s to mid 70’s, the very best.

I love(ed) disco, good times;

Anything by Donna Summer

And Tony Bennett rocks;

Why are there so many singers who can act, but actors who can’t sing?

William Guess

A sports reference, tennis no less, you are The Man!!!

I play casually, now and then. I’ve sent Thrilla and Thrill Jr to tennis lessons in hopes they’d start playing with me regularly. They hate the game. Money well spent.

Alright. Let’s have some good disco then if, as Lurking says, it has to be disco.

Fernando by Abba –

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