So, I don’t have too much for you guys this week; my schedule is jammed up and I have developed a massive tension headache.

Too much of the news just borders on bullshit these days anyway.  Don’t cheer just yet, both sides are guilty.  Let’s just go with everything that we have seen for the last few weeks can’t be trusted and none of it is good anyway.  I am taking a break from all of it.

Play music that is about fake or “not real” stuff – images, photographs, recordings, disguised or artificial.  Plastic flowers and fake fruit.  Stuffed animals and taxidermy.  Matchbox cars.

Here is this week’s playlist:

Here are your dedications:

Santino – Break Stuff

WVR – Did It Again

Lurking – Freeze Frame

Thrill – Girls On Film

Rich Taylor – Take a Picture

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This one may be obvious but it’s a no-brainer for me — I saw it live 5 days ago.

Fake Plastic Trees – Radiohead

If we’re doing Limp Bizkit, this one should be prominent.

Counterfeit –

Best song I’ll share this week:

Smoke and Mirrors by Gotye –

I share this one a lot, but it applies here for “I cannot believe the media Mecca/They’re only trying to battle reality, catch it on primetime, story at nine/The whole world is goin’ insane”

Los Angeles is Burning –

When the Sun Goes Down by Arctic Monkeys –


I saw it live 5 days ago.

My friend went, he said it was amazing.

This is Milli Vanilli -ish

Does a song from Matchbox 20 count?

21 Pilots – Fake You Out –


Van Halen — I’ll Wait


Do dreams count?

Rush — Nocturne


I came across this meme today.

(since the blog cropped my uploaded image… here’s a link)
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