Following a shitty week of the “maybe it’s time to update my resume” variety, I just didn’t have it in me to write another post on Russia, scandals, North Korea, #MeToo, Trump, or Star Wars today.  Instead, I’d like to take a moment to express my bewilderment over the Aquaman trailer, which I finally bothered to watch for the first time yesterday.

Alright, somebody has to help me with this.  Am I wrong that this movie looks awful?  I wouldn’t see it in any event for lack of interest, but this movie has to be completely terrible, right?  That like/dislike ratio can’t possibly be accurate and any negative YouTube comments are being scrubbed by WB.  At least, I hope so.

The superhero genre isn’t my favorite.  It’s not even in my top 10 favorite genres.  Maybe just above romantic comedies.  But this really looks hard to watch with the visuals that are either too dark or too gaudy, cringe-worthy dialogue, and…just…everything.  I can’t believe this is something anyone is excited about.  I’m not mocking anyone who is, I just don’t get it.

It’s maddening to live in this decade sometimes.  Bad movies make a billion dollars apiece, musicians become rich and famous for performing songs they didn’t write and play without real instruments, and the press doesn’t even to pretend that it does anything but propagandize.

Even video games suck these days.  Sure, they have better graphics and superior voice acting and all that, but the gameplay is non-existent.  I recently bought the NES Classic and I’ve been laughing my ass off at my Minecraft champion children who gloriously fail to beat a single level of Super Mario Bros 3.  An unsophisticated game by today’s standards, but one which demands precise timing and skill and gives no fucks about your creativity or imagination.  It’s like a small victory for substance over style in an era that severely needs it.

Anybody got anything to share this week?  What about a decent but cynical business analyst?  Does anybody need one of those?

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I’ve never been a huge DC fan, and except for The Death of Superman saga, I’ve never bought a DC comic that wasn’t written by Frank Miller. I don’t have any love or attachment to it’s universe or characters in any way. Having said that, the Shazam! trailer made me interested enough to think about attending:


I’m a huge DC fan. I keep waiting for them to make a decent live action movie since Nolan’s Batman trilogy…maybe this will be it. I’ve enjoyed Momoa since Stargate: Atlantis, so I’m hopeful this will be good. That being said, I’m sick of being disappointed by DC for their live action movies. Their animated movies hit home run after home run (while conversely Marvel’s animated offerings tend to suck), and it looks like they already did this one (possibly better) with Throne of Atlantis a few years back.

Conan has it right:

And why, in the name of The Source, are they remaking Buffy?

California is burning (again). But hey, they still have time to ban cafeterias, because hipster eating places, or something:

Donald Trump threatens a government shutdown (again):

We are all suspects now?

Anyone seen the new Mission Impossible? I have to give Tm Cruise credit for still being able to do his thing while pushing sixty.


Alright, somebody has to help me with this.

Jason Momoa. He is rather popular with a specific demographic.

oh yeah Shazam, that does look like it would be worth watching…

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