It’s a dim, if not yet a dark, time for our cherished freedom of speech.  With print media dying off, the communication of ideas, opinions, news, and facts is increasingly consolidated into the hands of fewer and fewer corporate and government entitites.

We have seen as Twitter is condemned for its censorship by the President of the United States even as he condemns the press as an “enemy of the people”.  Nobody wants to stop being angry long enough to appreciate the irony of it all.  No, there are scalps to be collected.

A right-wing celebrity tweeted something humorous that came across as racist?  Destroy her.  A left-wing celebrity made some jokes about pedophilia years ago?  Fire his ass.  This is the world we want, isn’t it?

Careers are ruined for expressing the “wrong” opinions, donating to the “wrong” causes, and showing up to the “wrong” demonstrations.  Who is to blame for this?  All of us, of course. You and me.  We demand it with our glorious freedom from being offended.  Any oppressive act is justified in the name of stopping “hate speech” or “protecting the children”.

It’s always been this way, I think.  The Web and social media just make it faster and broader.  Artists of all stripes have always been vulnerable to it, given that they are dependent on fame to make their fortunes and fame turned to infamy is unforgiving.  Let’s honor free speech this week with these categories.

  1. Corrupters of the Youth – Any song by a musician who was censored, arrested, persecuted, or targeted by Tipper Gore or whichever morality squad.
  2. Fuck the King – Songs about standing up for what you believe in, speaking truth to power, facing down the mob, or just being a prick for its own sake.
  3. Enjoy the Silence – Songs about being hushed, gagged, muzzled, shushed, shut up, or muted.
  4. [Deleted]
  5. Fuck It All – Let’s have some songs with as many f-bombs as possible

This week’s uncensored dedications for all you f____s!

pfluffy: Hook in Mouth by Megadeth, while we’re talking about the PMRC.

spootyjim: All Fucked Up by Blood for Blood

Santino: Cannons by Youth Lagoon

Zurvan: The Mute by Radical Face

kevinmkr: Following up on last week’s Radiohead mention.  Burn the Witch.

WVR: The Angry Mob by Kaiser Chiefs

Lurking: I owe you a good one for hitting you with that terrible disco song a couple of weeks ago.  Witch Hunt by Rush.


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There has, unfortunately, always been the urge to control speech in this country, dating back to the Sedition Acts. Our Puritan past has a lot to do with this.

Anyhow, viva la Revolution:

Hook in Mouth by Megadeth, while we’re talking about the PMRC

I love this song. Made an impression on me back in t he day. This one off the same album also fits the theme:

Peace Sells … But Who’s Buying? –

Corrupters of the Youth

Ah, some Nick Cave this week then – No actual f-bombs but political correctness isn’t Nick’s thing:

Worm Tamer –

You might appreciate this article on Nick Cave performing in Israel. You’d think he was picking off Palestinians from a tower after the show the way some people talk:


Witch Hunt by Rush.

Perfect! You are forgiven.

Category 2:

Rainbow — Kill the King

Todd Rundgren — Heavy Metal Kids

Category 3:

Simon & Garfunkel — Sounds of Silence


A Muse four-fer. I think they fit with #2 or #3.

Resistance –

Uprising –

Knights of Cydonia –

Revolt –

The Clash – I Fought the Law (Official Video) the classic.

The Times They Are a-Changin’, by Bob Dylan – Watchmen another classic, with the Watchmen intro…. love this movie.

Loretta Lynn The Pill this one caused some flack…

Rage Against The Machine – Killing In the Name this ha da bit of rage agaisnt the system

a classic classic of overcoming.
Morehouse College – We Shall Overcome

now if you want Fucks…
Fuck the world- ICP

No reason we can’t keep this up!

Signs –

Sunday Bloody Sunday –


A Muse four-fer. I think they fit with #2 or #3.

I immediately thought of you and immediately thought of Muse with this topic.


Burn the Witch.

Spectacular choice!

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