The featured image came through my Facebook feed from the Alice in Chains page about a week ago.  It is for the Louder Than Life 2018 Festival.  I saved the image off for this post; yeah it is a bit busy so if you can’t read the bands, here’s the lineup.  One thing immediately jumps out at me.  Fucking Limp Bizkit should not be side by side on a poster with Alice in Chains for any reason.  That whole poster is so mouth-wateringly cool (I mean, Kentucky is really not that far) until you see that big turd in the center-top of the poster.  Limp Bizkit must have one hell of a promoter, WTF?

Then, yesterday, I find out a close family member is doing sound for the AiC tour and could get me on the list for tickets.  Wow.  I whined a bit on the phone about it, of course.  They are NOT coming to Atlanta, but a trip to Austin, Denver or Houston could be really fun.  Alas, I am going to see my Dad in LA in September and that is the absolute last drop of traveling time and money that we possess at the moment.

It is OK, I have seen them four times, both with Staley and DuVall.  Anyone who hasn’t seen them live should absolutely do so if they can.  They put on a hell of a show.

So, let’s play songs from the Louder Than Life 2018  lineup.  Again, if you can’t see all of the bands from the featured image, here’s the lineup.

Here is this week’s playlist:

I started us out with an analysis of AiC’s Them Bones I caught not long ago as recommended by YouTube.

Here are your dedications:

Grendel – House Of The Rising Sun

Lurking – She’s a Mystery

Santino – Devil In Disguise

ilovecress – Row Your Boat

WVR – A Quick Death in Texas

Thrill – You’re Going Down

Kevinmkr – Torn in Two

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Loud? I used to crank this in my TJ Wrangler with dual 10 inch subs. The bass was a bit overwhelming: NIN – Down In It Ooohh…Breaking Benjamin. I could do an entire set. I Will Not Bow Until The End Dance With The Devil Diary of Jane Bush! The only thing I ever won on the radio was a copy of Sixteen Stone, and a bonsai tree. When I went to pick them up, they didn’t have the tree. I was pissed. But enjoyed the CD. Anyway – Comedown It’s G&R, but it’s by far my favorite song that… Read more »


I was out of town for AIC’s show in Toronto earlier this spring. They played in a theatre, would have been interesting to see a rock band in a theatre setting.

Monster Magnet – Negasonic Teenage Warhead –

Primus – Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver –

The one song I like from Limp Bizkit – Faith –

Alice in Chains – Would –

Not loud, but Bush – Glycerine –


“No chick is going to fuck you to a Rush song”

I like this one better.

It took me longer to get my first wife to go to a Rush concert than it did to try anal.

Brilliant! I didn’t know Cantrell was a comedian as well.

Late, due to a busy day, but I am here!


Gavin Rossdale still follows RVS on Twitter. He was our first celebrity follower and we love him.

As usual, Deftones is up to me.

Minerva –


No chick is going to fuck you to a Rush song

For the record, this is simply incorrect. At least, it was in my case. Those guys in “Dad Band”? No chick is going to f*ck them to ANY song, bro.

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