A question I’ve been mulling for some time is, “Just how totally has the Millennial Generation failed to live up to our collective expectations?”  Funny thing is that we old people are frustrated with them and think they’re somehow failing our society, they’re equally so with us.  There’s a sense that society is failing them.

But, you know, even as I question whether or not we’re being unfair in criticizing their inability to do anything useful or their trustworthiness to eventually inherit our society I find that many Millennials wonder the same thing.

So it is that when I ask if we have given up on Millennials, that “we” very much includes Millennials themselves.  Sure, every now and then they like to gripe about the Boomers and say it’s all their fault stuff sucks (perhaps true).  But it’s not convincing when they do it.  They just don’t have the fervor or cohesiveness to make attacks against other generations work like, well, when the Boomers would do it.

My own opinion is that it’s far too early to give up on the Millennials, as frustratingly collectively fragile and stupid as they appear to be.  I don’t think they’ll ruin the world and they might even do some much-needed good when they take over.

On the other hand, I don’t think they’ll ever be great.  They won’t live up to the expectations we had for them when they were precious children.  Maybe we expected too much, coddled them too much…who knows?  But I’m sorry to say that if there are any great challenges to come that threaten our survival in the next few years, I really hope it comes when we have tougher young adults than we do now.

For this open thread, I’m interested in any stories about Millennials.  Their quirkiness, sensibilities, problems, and all of it is on the table.  Plus any other topics you’d like to discuss.

I found this one interesting.

“I don’t play with female gamers,” says Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Twitch’s biggest streamer and one of the faces of the Fortnite fandom. This edict may be surprising to hear, especially as emphatically as Blevins said it when we spoke at a recent Samsung event.

Though Blevins isn’t shy about being married, and his more than 10 million subscribersinclude people of every gender identity, the internet’s love of gossip has convinced the Twitch star not to invite women to participate in his Fortnite Battle Royale livestreams. With fame comes scrutiny of every thing you say or do, he suggested, and that can sometimes lead to questions about who you’re sleeping or flirting with on the sly.

Mike Pence’s “never be alone with a woman who isn’t your wife” practice is becoming hip among the kids these days.  Didn’t see that shit coming, did you?

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As a millennial myself (depending on which definition you use) I found this interesting

Millenials Don’t Exist! Adam Ruins Everything


Something else to be mad at them for?

I don’t know. While the author goes to great lengths to make mayo seem romantic, palatable and relevant, I think the millennials are doing the world a favor, here. I’m a boomer and I hate the stuff. Sure, I love my mom’s potato salad, but other than that, I prefer a mustard-based one over a traditional mayo-based one any day.

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