It’s time for the latest installment from the whiny series pfluffy and I have been running: “Can This Summer Be Over Now?”  The freshest hell is that the sinus congestion I usually pick up in September has come early.  Nothing to do but look forward to the morning ritual of hawking up into the sink every morning for a couple of months.

Let’s memorialize the stuffiness with these categories.

  1. Snotty Sound: Lead singers who sing out their noses.  Punk and pop punk have this in abundance but can be any genre.  Think Rebecca Black as the archetype for this one.
  2. Side Effects: Songs about anything similar to the effects of taking antihistamines.

I’d write more…but so drowsy…

This should get your ear canals cleaned out, at least.  Dedicatiub!  All snotty.

Zurvan: Again and Again by Taproot

Santino: Feeling This by Blink 182

pfluffy: Submission by The Sex Pistols

WVR: Junkie Man by Rancid.  Always sounds like he has a head cold in every song.

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As when the dryness and the rain finally drink from one another,
the gentle cup of mutually surrendered tears

The Dryness and the Rain –


Gotta be Oasis – Live Forever –

Some Britney –

On a side note, Fluffy I cam across this on one of my news feeds.

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