As has been mentioned, Grendel and I are complete fanatics over The Venture Brothers.  Originally a spoof of Johnny Quest, it has grown into a sendup of all things pop culture.  From superhero movies and comic books, to sci-fi and fantasy.

Where does it fit on a DJ thread?  Why, it is rich in music!  Not just with the stylings of JG Thirlwell, but also how music is constantly referenced by the characters who inhabit it.  Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper didn’t die.  They sit on the shadowy Council of Thirteen.  Also, they’re two heads on one body.  Space Oddity is based on a Major Tom who comes back from the dead after the crash of an experimental spaceship.  And Baba Oje from Arrested Development is apparently still alive and provides valuable counsel to heroes and villains alike.

It’s a wonderful universe and this seventh season has been explosive from the first episode as we have seen events from the first season brought full circle.  It’s one of a dwindling number of fandoms I’m proud to be a part of.

For that reason, I want to dedicate this week to The Venture Brothers with these categories:

  1. Make Way for the Homo Superior – Music, songs, videos, artists, album covers referenced in the show.  My long term goal is to build a Team Venture playlist in my MP3 library.  I seriously think it will be over 200 songs.  If you’re not familiar with the show, you’re safe playing some Bowie.  He’s a big deal.
  2. Epic Scores – How about some soundtrack movie from any great superhero/sci-fi/fantasy/adventure series?  Chances are that Venture Brothers has paid it an homage at one time or another.
  3. Cain and Abel – As described in the title, brotherhood is a recurring theme in the show.  They also try to kill each other a lot, except for Dean and Hank who actually do get killed quite a bit by a variety of factors.  Songs about brothers, comrades, and dear companions are wanted here.
  4. Referential and Reverential – The show has superheroes and villains who talk about musicians.  Let’s pay it back with musicians who mention superheroes and villains in song.

Let’s have a summary of the show for those who don’t watch and get this going.

Grendel: Great season 6 reference here.  Is There Something I Should Know? by Duran Duran. There’s a whole B plot in one episode focused on that ball.

Santino: Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie. The Action Man is a total prick, as it turns out.

WVR: A Town Called Malice. Or is it an exclusive gated community called Malice?

pfluffy: Breathe by The Prodigy.  The guy with the mohawk is a one-off character, which is a shame.  Had such potential.

kevinmkr: Like a Friend by Pulp.  Plays at the end of the Season 4 finale, my favorite episode.

Lurking: Dr Venture is entirely inspired by progressive rock.  The Court of the Crimson King by King Crimson.

spootyjim: The movie is referenced in the show and the song is from a superhero movie soundtrack.  Winning all around!  Spawn by Silverchair and Vitro.  I’ve probably shared this one before, but I love this movie’s soundtrack so very much.

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JG Thirlwell

A former Bad Seed. His influence can be heard on their early albums. He co-wrote this gem off of From Her to Eternity:

Wings Off Flies –

I Want To Tell You About a Girl:

From Her to Eternity –

Cave still includes this in his sets today. You can still hear The Birthday Party clearly in these songs.


#2 Seal – Kiss From A Rose –

#3 Dream Brother – Jeff Buckley –

#4 Flash – Queen –

I’ll categorize this under #2 –


#4 Villain — Led Zeppelin — Ramble On

#4 Hero(?) — Black Sabbath — Iron Man

i so love Venture Bros, glad you introduced me to this madcap mayhem. In fact now that im watching season 7 now, i had to go back and watch it all again, this time with my 13 year old watching with me… hmm music fromthe show, well there is this ugh guy. Klaus Nomi – Total Eclipse now , while there wasnt a RHPC musical number in the show, they characters all dressed up for a showing. heh, so here is one of my favorite scenes from that movie, damm i had the hots for Columbia. Rocky Horror Picture Show-Hot… Read more »

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