Following up on the open thread in which we documented numerous acts of unfairness (which included me being unfairly character-assassinated), let’s bark at the moon a bit.  It’ll do as much good as complaining about how unfair the world is.

Doesn’t mean you have to like it or take it sitting down.  I personally made a decision to change my own circumstances yesterday in my real life because, quite frankly, I realized that I was sick of some shit and that I also didn’t have to put up with it.  It’s a good feeling and I look forward to the all-new unfairness I’ll encounter after the big move.

Don’t worry.  Won’t affect anything around here.  I’ll keep posting as pathetically little as I do now, I imagine.  What, you don’t like it?  UNFAIR.

Tired of being told to quit your bitchin’?  Well I’m here to tell you to start it.  Bring on the songs of whinging.

pfluffy: Hey, wasn’t it your turn this week?  UNFAIR.

WVR: You never post the titles of the songs you link to.  UNFAIR.

One Who Lurked At One Time And Now Isn’t: I don’t know whether to refer to you by the handle you used last week or the one you changed to yesterday.  UNFAIR.

Grendel: You….uh…didn’t give me anything to call you out for and thus made me work harder at this joke.  UNFAIR.

Santino: You’re from Canada and enjoy a trade surplus on manufacturing with the US. UNFAIR.

Zurvan: You didn’t post anything last week. UNFAIR.

CM: You can’t turn stuff into verbs simply by hyphenating two words: UNFAIR.

President Trump: You never take the trade surplus into account with Canada thanks to tourism and services.  UNFAIR.

Oh, yeah.  No dedications.


These are all mine.  For I am taking it all back this week.

First World Problems by Weird Al

It Can’t Rain All The Time by Jane Siberry (UNFAIR mood whiplash)

Life of Pain by Black Flag

Death by Misadventure by Ted Nugent

Cry Baby by The Neighbourhood

Slaves and Bulldozers by Soundgarden

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Hey, wasn’t it your turn this week? . Yep. Can’t do next week because I am in LA visiting my Dad and dickhead brother (we can go on and on about “unfair” with that douchebag starting with having to deal with him next week) so you’ll have to do it. UNFAIR. My thoughts on it all: The Negotiation Limerick File – United States of Whatever – FUCK YOU – Idiot Prayer – So, my idea for the week was along the lines of “unfair? it could be so much worse” so: Kavanaugh will not see jail… Read more »


This is supposed to be a Friday post. UNFAIR! In protest, I’m sitting out until tomorrow (after this post, of course).

We still have to input our names on every post. UNFAIR!

If it’s Thursday it must be because the weekend isn’t here yet. UNFAIR.

Twisted Sister:
We’re Not Gonna Take It

Social Distortion:
Bad Luck

William Guess

Turned something on that made the comments look all different. Seeing if it will work. Required me to Google stuff and do work which is UNFAIR.

William Guess

Well, hot damn. It worked and RVS remembered my credentials. I put in effort and got good results. FAIR.

Theory of a Deadman:
I Hate My Life

Foo Fighters:


How Soon Is Now – The Smiths

Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots

Would – Alice In Chains

Everything About You – Ugly Kid Joe

Yeah I didn’t include links to the songs. Go get them yourself. UNFAIR

You’ve got to be cruel to be kind …


Here’s a whole song of UNFAIR things:

Ironic by Alanis Morrisette –

Also, none of them are ironic. But, dammit, they are NOT FAIR!


Why Does It Always Rain On Me by Travis – The Wikipedia entry for the song describes just UNFAIR rain has been to Fran Healy: “Fran Healy wrote the song while on holiday in Israel. He wanted to go somewhere sunny because in his hometown of Glasgow it rained all the time. In an interview at the Live 8 concert, he explained that he was spending a short holiday in the southern vacation city of Eilat, Israel in the middle of the winter. The city is known for its hot weather even during winter time, but surprisingly it began… Read more »


Yeah I didn’t include links to the songs. Go get them yourself. UNFAIR



I can’t think of a song that fits the theme — UNFAIR!

That makes me look like a dull idiot — UNFAIR!


Why Does It Always Rain On Me by Travis

Some time No Rain is UNFAIR.

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