The Kavanaugh/Ford hearing.  Just…wow.  Wait, is it sexist if I put his name first?  I can’t keep track of the new rules.  Don’t smear me with any accusations about participating in any high school gang rapes now.  I assure you that I wasn’t considered cool enough to get invited to those sorts of parties, okay?

Wait, I’m not saying gang-rape is cool.  Jeez.  What do you want me do?  Sign your fucking yearbook?  Wait, I better not do that.  It’ll probably come up later.  I mean, just be sure that you delete your entire social media history before dredging up an old yearbook and accusing me of anything, okay?

The main point to remember, as you watch the Senate shitshow on display, is that this isn’t really about the accusations that Kavanaugh is a latent rapist or that Ford is an opportunistic liar.  No, we are all the accused these days.  Depending on what you believe, we are either on the side of a society which excuses violence against women or we are one who seeks the complete personal destruction of anyone for holding the wrong opinions.

Whichever side you fall on with regard to Ford vs Kavanaugh–wait, am I suggesting violence against women by using “vs”?–shows where your own guilt lies, you tyrant/misogynist.

Kavanaugh was correct to note that what has been done by the Senate Democrats, not simply that they’ve questioned him about a past allegation but the way they have handled the entire matter, is going to have consequences which will reverberate for decades.

The practices of personal destruction for political wrongthink coupled with the power granted to unfounded accusations is already fully out of control and affecting normal people.  I believe that what we saw yesterday is either going to be the high water mark of this lunacy and it’where we collectively agree that it’s time to reassert sanity or it’s going to be the moment we remember as when we first started to consider our political opponents to be enemies in every sense of the word.

It would seem there is no institution too sacred, no public figure whose life has been too exemplary, and no vicious attack that is off-limits.  The elites are behaving with all the grace and respect of a biker bar during $1 pitcher and 8-ball night.

For what it’s worth, I’d like to see the sanity one, but I’m increasingly doubtful that it will happen until there’s some bloodletting.   Somebody is on the wrong side of history, and history is an unforgiving bitch.  Wait, I can’t say that.  She’s a cunt.

Before anyone accuses me of ruining their Friday good vibes, let’s get on to the music!  Here are some categories to use.

  1. She’s telling the truth – Songs of youthful excess among boys and young men.  Drunkenness, orgies, etc.  Whatever you cool kids were off doing.  I mean, songs about completely inappropriate behavior that men do.  Yes, ALL MEN.  You smug rapists.
  2. She’s making it up – Bitches be trippin’.  Let’s have songs about women who lie, cheat, and steal or are just plain crazy.
  3. I Accuse My Parents – Any song in which the singer is calling somebody out for something.  I’m talking about songs in the second person singular where it’s all “you” did something or “you” are a total bastard.  Know what I mean?  Hey, I’ll give examples.

pfluffy: I swear that half of Nine Inch Nails songs qualify as a #3 with the second person thing.  Ruiner is a good example.

Santino: Is there any reason why I can’t do two songs by NIN in a row?  Is it, dare I say, UNFAIR?  A solid #1 with Big Man With A Gun.

WVR: I’m just going to keep on doing it!  It’s a #2 and #3 by NIN.  Starfuckers, Inc.

kevinmkr: And now I’m switching to Johnny Cash.  Nope, not doing Hurt as an oblique NIN tie-in.  There’s no lying bitch angle there.  There is in this one though.  Cry, Cry, Cry.

Delurked: I’m just flying the misogyny flag today.  Fool’s Hall of Fame by Foghat

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I don’t think it’s as simple to say she’s making it up-something seems to have happened, but Kavanaugh is looking increasingly innocent.

Because, let’s face it, we’re horndogs:


Good call on NIN.

#1 – Alanis – You Oughta Know

Let’s go classic for a #2 – Eagles – Lyin’ Eyes.

Here’s a #3 for me (though it’s “They” not “You”). I can’t help but think of the lyrics of this song every time I think about another election – Muse – Uprising.

This might be a Trifecta. Eminem – Love the way you Lie.


I’ll go with some Mötley Crüe for #1 – Smoking in the Boys Room –

#2 Killers – Somebody Told Me –

Some Led Zeppelin for #3 – Your Time Is Gonna Come ( I guess it fits #2 as well, “Lying, cheating, hurting,..”)

And I’m including Muse’s latest video just because (although tangentially the video is in a high school gym).


Category 3

Rush — What You’re Doing

And a couple from Bob Dylan

Positively 4th Street

Like a Rolling Stone

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