So, it is no secret that Thrill and I suffer from winter blues.  It might be a little early this year, but I am hopeful that once the hurricane finishes passing through my mood will lift.  Barometric pressure will bring me down, too.  I have a family gathering this weekend that I need to be a bit better off than this for.  My son turns 16 this month and we are celebrating this milestone with a family gathering that I am not terribly sure that he wants.

The visit with my Dad was fun and I enjoyed reconnecting with him after the 15 or so years it has been.  My asshole brother apparently feels the same about me as I do about him since he never showed up even to say “hey sis”.  My poor Dad had to make excuses like “he has to work” to excuse an entire five days of no-show.  Ah, well, at least I didn’t have to pretend that he didn’t ruin his parents’ lives with his bullshit.

LA was fun.  We went to Venice Beach and Universal Studios.  We were staying in Koreatown and had some Korean barbecue.  My son got to meet his brothers and birth mom for the first time.  They all got along very well and it was a highlight of the trip that there was no weirdness at all.  We spent too much money; LA is insanely expensive if you don’t have a way to cook your own food, and we didn’t.  We finally resorted to Carl’s Jr and to top off a  a total American pop culture food tour,  I got to drink “Duff” beer and eat giant donuts.  Duff, as interpreted by Universal, is somewhere between a pilsner and a light lager.  It was drinkable and I was happy that I could have a beer at a theme park.  We still play stupid drinking games in Georgia and drinking in the open is still a no-no so I got to feel like I was doing something really subversive and edgy.

Best ride at Universal?  Harry Potter.

Ok, let’s sing the blues, shall we?

Here is your playlist:

This week’s dedications:

Santino – Crossroads

Zurvan – Hot Bottom Feeder

Thrill – Off the Ground

WVR – Boom Boom

CMNZ – Strange Fruit

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Canned Heat — On the Road Again

We finally resorted to Carl’s Jr

What? No In N Out Burger?

To Be Alone by Hozier –

Gotta jump on a conference call. Be back.


Led Zeppelin – Dazed & Confused –

Colin James – Just Came Back –

Big Sugar – If I Had My Way –

I miss Carl’s Jr.

Robert Cray-Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark:

From Patrick Swayze’s best movie:


Amy Winehouse – Back to Black Spent a fair bit of time hanging out in her neighbourhood around the time she got big. BB King – The Thrill Is Gone (He’s Now William Guess) Always thankful to BB’s rib house in Menphis where I discovered ribs for the first time. Etta James – I’d Rather Go Blind Just a favourite. Rick Hall did a lot for the genre (among others) and this is still one of my favourite documentaries. “Though Hall grew up in a culture dominated by country music, he had a love of R&B… Read more »

The Thrill Is Gone (He’s Now William Guess)

Got a guffaw out of me there!

Speaking of BB King…

When Love Comes to Town by U2/BB King –

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