First off, I apologize for the lack of an open post on Sunday.  This one was supposed to be it.  RVS went offline for much of the weekend for reasons I don’t know.  Maybe we got deplatformed for all of my hate speech.  We totally would too, if we had more than 30 readers.

Still, I am undeterred, as are both parties in the Tuesday midterm election.

I don’t have any bold predictions, despite the picture.  Let’s just take the conventional wisdom that the Democrats take the House by a narrow majority and slightly weaken in the Senate into a smaller minority.  Hard to see how it amounts to a Blue Wave, isn’t it?

The GOP is fighting a historical trend, as the president’s party typically loses seats in his first midterm election.  Even though it doesn’t help that Trump has a high disapproval rating (but a passable approval rating), I wouldn’t take it for granted that the House flipping is a condemnation of him.

This is vastly different from 2006, as I remember it.  Republicans were fully dispirited and had little incentive to vote.  Independents and leaners were sick of the Iraq War, disappointed by the Hurricane Katrina response, and generally unhappy with the direction of the country.  On Election Day, Republicans didn’t show up and the Democrats were able to fully exploit it.  It also helped that the Democrats hadn’t fully abandoned their conservative, pro-life, pro-2A wing and could still win in districts that voted for Bush with good candidates.

None of this applies now nor do the Democrats even have anything to run on.   They hate Trump, fine, we get it.  But it’s going to be embarrassing when they demand that a Democrat-controlled House impeach Trump and Pelosi will have to explain why they can’t.  Understand, even though I think they are crazy enough to impeach Trump, I don’t think they’re stupid enough to try.   The one thing the Democratic base hopes to accomplish by taking over the House isn’t even realistic.

That said, I will again make the observation that as asinine as it will be listening to Democrats crow about winning back a majority in one house of Congress, I’ll still get to hope that they’ll start to embrace sanity again.  Feeling like they have some control over the direction of the country might smooth things over.

I mean, yeah, I’m definitely wrong about it but I can hope.

Democrats will obstruct and Trump will blame them at every opportunity.  To me, the worst thing would be if the House committees started slow-walking the various investigations of FBI, DOJ, and State Department misconduct in the 2016 election.  But the GOP hasn’t accomplished much in that regard anyway.

Feel free to share anything election-related here.  I’ll be busy all day so I probably won’t check in until we know how it ends and who will hold sway for the remainder of Trump’s (first?) term.

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I thought you were in the bathroom…but anyhow:

Forget the states, the real battle is here:

If you thought the last election was bad:

Meanwhile…not election related, but what were folks’ thoughts on Andrew Lincoln’s “final episode” of The Walking Dead?


We’ll see how effectively the widespread gerrymandering of 2011 protects the Republicans. This is a time where it should pay dividends.


Here’s an outsider’s question: given how important elections are, and given that over $5 billion was spent on this one, why is the actual process of voting so under-resourced? Queues of over 3 hours to vote, machines not working, power cords missing, etc, etc.


Because this is where we are as a country:

It’s a problem that latinos might be increasingly engaged in voting?

It looks like the dems are gonna pick up the house. next 2 years are gonna be a shit show of epic proportions. The never Trumper GOPe should be happy, this will mean a fuck ton of donations from those afraid of dems picking things up in 2020. Also the Never Trumpers will be happy as this could be a moderation factor on Trump.


Overall it looks like Dems are significantly more popular than the Republicans. Around +8%, so not even close. Geography was against them this time for sure (defending too many in the Senate to have a realistic chance). A progressive Dem got 49% of the vote in Texas though, wow.


So, at this rather late hour, it looks like the glass is half full or half empty depending on your POV…superstar Beto loses in Texas, as does Abrams in Georgia, the House goes Blue while the Senate stays Red. Also Gavin Newsom is now California’s new Governor, McCaskill lost in Missouri. Let the meltdowns begin!

Overall, it looks more like a mixed win for the GOP than a vindication of Trump; the Democrats did well enough, and the Republic still lives. God bless America.


Losing one house doesn’t hurt Trump too much. Yeah, there will be gridlock, but now Trump gets to put up or shut up about his negotiating skills. I think this helps him greatly in 2020 – now he has someone to fight against, and blame for all of the problems. As far as my home state, I can’t believe that it’s still undecided between someone who doesn’t have a problem with Americans joining the Taliban and fighting against US troops vs. someone who honorably served our country in the military. All these F’ers moving from California need to piss off.… Read more »


My wife and I stopped by our polling center with both kids sleeping in the car, post vacation. We took turns and both got in and out and were back on the road in 15 minutes flat. No issues whatsoever.


What is it with these idiot liberals talking about gerrymandering in the Senate races caused Republicans to win? Gerrymandering? It’s called STATES.

So much for the much over-hyped limp dicked blue wave, their Pyrrhic victory fell right within historical norms, BFD. Real honest to goodness Tsunamis happened in 1998 (Bill Clinton lost 54 House seats, 8 Senate seats and 10 governorships), and 2010 ( Obama lost 63 House seats, 6 Senate seats and 29 governorships). Interestingly (not really) every Dem senator that voted against Kavanaugh got the boot, serves them right. Losers; Obama- his reverse Midas touch never fails, his great effort at securing victories for Donelly, Nelson, Abrams and Gillum was ignored. Winners; War hero Dan Crenshaw, thanks SNL. Kim Reynolds… Read more »

. All these F’ers moving from California need to piss off.

Most of those wanted to get away from that shithole known as California and their lunatic leftest voters, I will be following soon enough.

No issues whatsoever

It was about 4 minutes for me, walk in and walk out, 4 minutes I will never get back and as with all elections in my state, a total waste of time.


Most of those wanted to get away from that shithole known as California and their lunatic leftest voters,

I’ve heard that story before. And then they end up voting for idiots like Sinema.

The Day After: A dead guy won in Nevada, Stacy Abrams says she won’t quit, Scott Walker is out, unfortunately, Democrats are licking their chops at making Trump’s life miserable, and Trump had another fight with Jim Acosta.

I’ve heard that story before. And then they end up voting for idiots like Sinema.

I knew a couple guys that retired about the same time I did and moved to your state, they would rather poke out their right eye with a blunt used dildo by Claire Mccaskill then vote Democrat. Sinema would be a rock star and garner 80% of the popular vote here in California, much like that open border/medicare for all/free shit for your vote douche wagon we now have as a governor.

OT, to the administrators, I really don’t like that the newest comment to top posted but all the others are in chronological order. Was this something changed intentionally or did WordPress just puke on itself? Just my 2 cents.

Acosta, wow, what a dick, i was listing ot it live on the radio, and it was easy to hear that Acosta was doing his best to incite a reaction from Trump., just to be a dick…then he manhandled that girl….


The national gaslighting continues unabated.


Manhandled? WTF? Are you on drugs? She pushes his arm down and his other arm drops down at the same time. Look at the actual video…

Trump is clearly extremely pissed off at the results, which is why he was even more defensive than usual. He was abusing left, right and centre prior to even being asked a question.

And he’s fired Session.

All banana republic shit. Enabled and encouraged by idiots who embrace his cult of personality. It continues to fascinate though. It’s like watching the world’s slowest car crash.


Apparently the WH took their video from Infowars.


So the US press secretary is sharing doctored videos from a far right conspiracy theorist website in order to discredit journalists the president thinks are mean to him, and a good percentage of people think this is fine, just in case you were wondering how fucked we are.

Jim Acosta literally said “Pardon Me Ma’am” when she was grabbing at him.

You’re all royally fucked and you willingly did this to yourselves.


They KNOW their base, and water-carriers who have given up any dignity or pride they once had, will believe it even though it’s easily proven to be a lie.


just in case you were wondering how fucked we are.

You’re from New Zealand. GTFO.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the hospital

Holy shit. If you thought the Kavanaugh reaction was bad… we haven’t seen anything yet if Trump gets to replace the notorious RBG.


You’re all royally fucked

You keep saying that like it means something.

and you willingly did this to yourselves.

Economy blazing along at 3.5-4.0 % growth (Obama’s dipshit “experts” assured us this wasn’t possible)

ISIS defeated (Obama’s dipshit “experts” assured us this wasn’t possible)

Record low unemployment

Manufacturing jobs returning (Obama’s dipshit “experts” assured us this wasn’t possible)

Withdrawal from bad trade agreements/renegotiating better agreements

Yeah, we did willingly do this to ourselves. Apparently, a sizable number of dipshits want it to end.


Pelosi…no, no, no….Maxine Waters for House leader. It would be the best comedy gold since Ovaltine.


Sarah Huckabee Sanders Denies Doctoring Footage Showing Jim Acosta In Clown Makeup Blowing Up Gotham Hospital

Another mass shooting this time in “gun free” California. I lived in Thousand Oaks when I was a kid. It’s literally one of the safest places in the state. Just damn.

Also…Christie for AG? The Beached Whale Bigmouth?


No shit WVR? I live there for a little over 10 years when I was in my 20s and early 30s. I was even at that bar a couple times. I lived over by Trader Joe’s on Moorpark Road that might’ve not been around though when you were younger.

On the Acosta Womanhandling video.
hmm apparently zooming in and slowing down video is “doctoring” now.

What he did was unprofessional, and he made contact with woman without her consent… oh boy, if the political roles had been reversed, it be a case study in Misogyny.

As for the shooting in Calif,….. it appears that some of the victims were survivors of the Las Vegas shooting… it seem someone hs it in for redneck shitkickers..

and just What the fuck is Wrong with Broward County, can they not fuck up even one election?>

oh this is good too,

Meanwhile, questions continued about why more than 24,000 people voted for governor but not for Senate in Broward.


C’min Grendel they clearly doctored the speed at the critical moment. Can we not expect even a second of honesty here?


A Democratic lawyer at the elections office, Broward state Sen. Gary Farmer, was overhead joking on the phone: “They actually just found some Al Gore votes.”


RBG just needs to survuve until 13 February 2020, so only 15 more months. Anytime after that and we know it’s up to the next POTUS to replace her.


Your calculation is off by 48 months, bro.


C’min Grendel they clearly doctored the speed at the critical moment. Can we not expect even a second of honesty here?

Yes, how about a second of honesty? Converting something to a gif removes frames. it was not deliberately sped up, so STFU you disingenuous jackass. BuzzFeed already debunked it.

And during CNN’s coverage of it, Acosta is on record saying he did not touch her, and CNN edited the video to remove the contact. How about a second of honesty?

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