I wrote a Thanksgiving post yesterday morning before the festivities kicked in, but, the servers were all done, humbug. I figured I’d just forget about it but it was saved under “drafts” in WordPress, so, here it is.

Some of the best stuff on Youtube, aside from Ben Shapiro and Paul Joseph Watson clips, is video’s from PragerU. Economics, societal ills, character building, even leading happier more productive lives, PragerU provides bite size dollops of wisdom, easily digested and retained for later use. Here is the latest;

For those interested, here is George Washington’s first Thanksgiving Proclamation; eloquent, reverent, humble, articulating the duties each of us have in expressing gratitude for our bounty.

Thanksgiving has always been big with my family, for obvious reasons; a recognition of good fortune, health, prosperity, and an understanding that the blessings are circular.

I will be hosting a small gathering today with both some new and old recipes. Both mine and my wife’s family have passed on dishes that envelope the soul in bathed memories of when we were young, we will continue the tradition. Last year I think I shared my new way of cooking turkey, spatchcocking. The wife said it was the best turkey she ever had. This year I will be doing the same but trying as new Cajun rub on it. It’s risky, I know, trying something different on such an important holiday, but what the heck.

So, anybody try something new this year?

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Good to see you posting again Rich.

We had our normal family gathering at my folks place, just down the road. I am grateful that i have all my Family so close.. it makes it much easier to pull these things off. Old man Roasted a honey and butter injected turkey and cooked another in a infrared fryer.. both turned out awesome. I for my part baked up 5 loaves of various breads and Parmesan Rolls… and a cheese tater and bacon casserole. Now we are working on the leftovers…. and get frustrated that the deer that dispersed at season, have come back.

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